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These Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits are made with cinnamon Greek yogurt, apple cider caramel, and cinnamon sugar pecans and make for a super festive fall treat.

Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits Recipe | We are not Martha (1)

Do you ever feel like you’re maybe going just a little bit crazy? Like, not full-blown I can’t function on a daily basis crazy, but just a liiiitle bit crazy. I made these glorious Apple Pomegranate Caramel Parfaits the other day. They involve a healthy helping of cinnamon Greek yogurt and cinnamon sugar pecans for crunch… And thank goodness they did.

Because while I was browsing WAMN looking for a totally different recipe, I realized that I madesomething very similar (at least in name) back in 2011. Um, OK? Why do I have absolutely zero recollection of this?? Am I really that old that I can’t remember things like this? Even when I re-read the post, I legitimately don’t really remember making them.

Luckily, those parfaits, though they share basically the same name, are actually quite different in that they have scoops of homemade whipped cream instead of Greek yogurt… And no crunchy sweet pecans.

I guess the apple and pomegranate combination is super appealing to me and has been for a couple years.


SO, what are these yogurt parfaits all about? First you're going to mix the Greek yogurt with a little cinnamon and sugar. And then you're going to layer it in a glass with homemade apple cider caramel, homemade cinnamon sugar pecans, chopped apples, and pomegranate arils.

All those layers of fall goodness make me so happy!

I'm calling these yogurt parfaits a dessert, but honestly I wouldn't judge you if you made them for breakfast. It all depends on what your breakfast belief system is like. But since the yogurt parfaits are made with Greek yogurt instead of whipped cream, I’m on team: eat this for breakfast.

All those antioxidants in the pomegranate arils totally make up for the sugar in the caramel. Promise.

Plus, you can leave the apple cider caramel out or just drizzle it on sparingly if you're eating this first thing in the morning. Also note that if you don't want to make your own caramel or just don't have the time, you can always use store-bought. You can use store-bought candied pecans, too.

Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits Recipe | We are not Martha (3)

I guess if this is what going crazy is, I’m pretty OK with that. In fact, maybe I’ll conveniently forget those 4 slices of pizza I ate for dinner last night and do it again tonight. Oooops. What are you talking about I already had a bowl of ice cream? I think you’re the crazy one!

Maybe I'm just looking for excuses to eat more caramel?

Can't say I blame myself... And at least I'm getting some bonus calcium with these yogurt parfaits!

Have you had moments where you feel like you’re going a little bit crazy?

If you are looking for more delicious parfait ideas, check out my Pumpkin Quinoa Parfaits and my Coconut Chi Dragon Fruit Smoothie Jars. I'm also loving these Apple Pie Breakfast Parfaits from Simply Quinoa!

📖 Recipe

Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits Recipe | We are not Martha (5)

Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits

These Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits are made with cinnamon Greek yogurt, apple cider caramel, and cinnamon sugar pecans and make for a super festive fall treat.

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Course: Breakfast, Dessert

Cuisine: American

Keyword: Fall Desserts, Yogurt Desserts, Yogurt Parfaits

Prep Time: 30 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes minutes

Makes: 2 parfaits

Author: Sues


  • 2 cups Greek yogurt
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp granulated sugar
  • ½ cup apple cider caramel sauce (recipe below)
  • 1 cup cinnamon sugar pecan pieces (recipe below)
  • 1 cup diced apples (variety of your choice)
  • ½ cup pomegranate arils

Apple Cider Caramel Sauce

  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 Tbsp unsalted butter, cut into pieces
  • cup heavy cream
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

  • 1 cup pecan halves
  • 1 large egg white
  • 1 Tbsp water
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp salt


  • In a medium bowl, mix together yogurt, cinnamon, and sugar.

  • Spoon a scoop of the cinnamon yogurt into the bottom of two glasses or a mason jars.

  • Drizzle a thin layer of caramel sauce over the yogurt and top with cinnamon sugar pecan pieces.

  • Sprinkle on a layer of diced apples and top with pomegranate arils.

  • Top with another layer of yogurt, caramel and pecan pieces.

Apple Cider Caramel Sauce

  • In a medium saucepan, heat sugar over medium heat. Stir frequently with a rubber spatula until sugar turns into a smooth amber-color liquid.

  • Stir butter into sugar. Note that the mixture will bubble quite a bit with the addition of the butter. Stir for about 2 minutes, until butter is melted and incorporated into sugar.

  • Stir the cream into the mixture (it will likely bubble more) and let the mixture come to a boil.

  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in cinnamon, salt, and apple cider.

  • Store in a mason jar or tightly sealed container in the fridge until ready to use.

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

  • Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • In a small bowl, whisk together egg white and water until frothy.

  • In a separate small bowl, mix together sugar, cinnamon, and salt.

  • Put pecan halves into egg white mixture until well-coated. Remove from egg white mixture and place in bowl with sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Coat pecans completely and place in single layer on prepared baking sheet.

  • Bake at 250 degrees for one hour, stirring every 20 minutes or so. Remove from oven and let rest before chopping into smaller pieces.


  • If you don't want to make the apple cider caramel, feel free to use any store-bought caramel.
  • While recipe makes 2 parfaits, it makes enough caramel sauce and pecans for more.

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Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits Recipe | We are not Martha (10)

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  1. ami@naivecookcooks says

    Never made parfaits before but this one absolutely steals the show!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Rachel says

    these look truly gorgeous! i love the cinnamon woven throughout the yogurt and of course, apple and pomegranate is a great combo!

  3. Odetta says

    So many of my favorite things all to be eaten with one spoon!

  4. Megan says

    Yum! Love the idea of mixing cinnamon into the yogurt!

  5. Gayle @ Pumpkin 'N Spice says

    These parfaits look incredible! I am loving the fall flavors in here! Such a wonderful idea to combine apples, pomegranates and caramel. And that cinnamon greek yogurt sounds like the perfect addition, too! Delish!

  6. Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor says

    Wow, what a great combination of fall flavors! I have some ripe fresh pomegranates ready from my tree and can't wait to try these!

  7. Jeannie Tay says

    Yes! I want this a lot! Yum! yum!yum!

  8. Monet says

    What a gorgeous and unique parfait!

  9. Joanne says

    I like this decision of yours. Can I just forget about the bowl of caramel popcorn I ate as well? And replace it instead with one of these partfaits! Totally making these for next week's breakfasts.

  10. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says

    I totally feel like I'm going a tad bit crazy sometimes lol! Love the look of these parfaits, yummm!

  11. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic says

    This is definitely my type of breakfast fare! And yes, I sometimes think I'm going crazy haha. I would like Greek yogurt instead of whipped cream in a parfait.

  12. Asmita says

    OMG! Love this dessert!

  13. Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl says

    Major delicious looking, loving that cinnamon taste too!

  14. Carol at Wild Goose Tea says

    I'm agreeing with you---but it's always better to just nod your head and agree with crazy people---that this is a good sort of crazy. We are women. We have crazy lives. Oh yeah to agree again---I could definitely eat this any time of the day.

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Apple Pomegranate Caramel Yogurt Parfaits Recipe | We are not Martha (2024)
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