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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.” – Carl Sagan

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the Truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed, if you do not.” and
”Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into five sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

As a stenographer, I link to an article or audio and paste a key paragraph or two. My most trusted websites are platforms for journalists who don’t compromise on the truth and have thereby been shunned by the mainstream media. These include; Local Futures, SUSTAIN, Farm Gate, Global Research, Children’s Health Defence, Geopolitical Economy Report, The Grayzone, Unlimited Hangout, 21st Century Wire, UK Column; The Duran, Robert F Kennedy podcast, The Jimmy Dore Show, Palestine Declassified, Alex Krainer, Mattias Desmet, Dr John Campbell, The Cradle, Quds News Network, The Grayzone News, The Electronic Intifada, Jonathan Cook, Richard Medhurst, The Light printed newspaper, and Russell Brand or follow us on Telegram, For The People, Assange News, Resistance News Network, Juan Sinmiedo and Pepe Escobar.

The solution to so many problems is to re-localise our economies, not least in food and farming. This 30-minute film was made by the truly enlightened 78-year old, Helena Norberg-Hodge, who, with her small Local Futures team, orchestrated the gathering of re-localisation experts from around the world to speak their wisdom at a Bristol conference, conducted each and every interview and coordinated them into this insightful 30-minute film. To my delight, my youngest son (28 years old) said that every word resonated with his understanding of the world.

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Election; Thursday, July 4th 2024

I wrote ‘None of the above’ across my postal ballot as there was no Workers Party or Independent candidate on the ballot paper. Fundamentally, I cannot vote for any party that will continue to arm Israel and/or Ukraine. Both wars are fueled by mad men (and women), in those countries, here and abroad, who profit from what can only result in global war.

Though historically I voted for the Green Party, and they rightly want to increase subsidies to farmers, their green words have been hijacked by corporate doublespeak; not least the Greens have bought the false causes and false solutions to climate change. Though their message on Gaza is the same as mine;

“A durable political solution that ensures security and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians”.

They have pledged to continue backing NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. The Greens fail to understand that this war was provoked in order to bleed Russia into becoming a Western vassal to plunder its resources. They

“Continue to support Ukraine as it resists Russian invasion”.

Russia’s incursion into the Donbas was to answer the plea of the ethnic Russians, who make up 90% of the population, to free them from persecution by the NATO-funded, ethno-nationalist Nazis in Ukraine. As both Kissinger and Rob Burns said, NATO missiles on Russia’s border is Russia’s red line. What would America do if Russia put missiles on its border with Mexico or Canada?

Though the Reform Party are deeply sceptical of the causes and solutions to climate change, they want to open trade to more cheap food imports. Though they correctly say the war with Russia was provoked, they will continue to arm Israel. Richard Tice, the chairman of the party and their former foreign policy spokesman, said in a Facebook post in April;

“Israel absolutely has the right to defend itself against attack and the UK must stand rock solid in supporting this right”.

Though the Lib Dems rightly want to double the subsidies to farmers, their

“lasting peace and a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine”,

won’t work. The two state solution is what they have already and Israel continues to steal land from the West Bank and keep Palestinians in a cage in Gaza. Plus, the Lib Dems are pro arming Ukraine.

Though the Conservatives prefer global trade to food sovereignty, Labour Party policies are no better. Keir Starmer, from the World Economic Forum in Davos, says he prefers Davos to Westminster and will accelerate the planning process to achieve NetZero faster. So under the veil of abating climate change, there will be more policies that promote vertical farms, fake meat and high tech AI, robots and drones, instead of supporting real farmers growing food in healthy soils. The corporate and zionist captured Conservative and Labour Parties unsurprisingly have almost identical foreign policies. Both pledge to continue arming Israel and Ukraine and are sabre rattling for war with China.

The only party that is against giving our hard earned taxes to the Military Industrial Complex is The Workers Party. In case you missed seeing their manifesto on farming and foreign affairs in last month’s newsletter, I have pasted it again below;

Read; Manifesto – Britain Deserves Better Workers Party of Britain;

The Green New Deal; ‘Above all, it is for the people to decide, after informed debate, whether they want the costs of Net Zero, essentially a redistribution of wealth from themselves to investors and businesses as things currently stand. We support the call for a Net Zero Referendum as soon as possible to create a national debate on who profits and on what terms. We will also continue to oppose ULEZ initiatives because of the costs they impose on working households and small businesses. The transition to a Green economy should be at a pace that matches the ability of our population to afford it. We will not be seduced by the more apocalyptic Green hysteria that floods our media but we will seek rational debate centred on democratically aligned outcomes beneficial to workers.’

Rural Affairs and Small Towns; ‘Special attention will be given to the rights and working conditions of farm, forestry, fishing and related workers including migrant workers employed on a seasonal basis. We will encourage more local and national food production through tax incentives and will consider a negative VAT rate on unprocessed natural foods and their priority supply to our schools, care homes and hospitals. We will support our fishing fleets. We will also crack down on the cruelty of factory farming and the import of foodstuffs that do not meet our ethical standards in regard to processing. We will encourage the farming community to conserve renewable natural resources and participate in educational projects for urban workers.’

Amity not enmity with the rest of the world; ‘We are unashamedly anti-imperialist. We are a friend to all and an enemy to none who do not threaten us. We are not pacifist but we oppose all war that is not defensive in purpose. We deplore all forms of racist discourse but especially, at this moment in history, an ignorant Islamophobia as well as the whipping up of hysterical Sino- and Russophobia. While we deplore the global misbehaviour of American imperialism, we remain absolutely positive about the American people who are as trapped as we are by corrupt systems of party and corporate control.

We will undertake a thoroughgoing review of our defence and foreign policy and we will definitely re-orient Britain away from Washington especially where we are placed in constant confrontation with the enemies of US corporate interests. We are indomitable enemies of profit-seeking international military-industrial interests with a stake in war. We will become independent trading partners developing friendly relations with the BRICS, the rising powers of the world who are building a new multipolar world. Only the Workers Party of Britain understand what it means to be Global Britain.’

Why Palestine is important; ‘The United States is the chief beneficiary of the current chaos engulfing the Middle East, as it was also the chief beneficiary of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Workers Party believes that the future is now One State: Israël – Palestine or Palestine-Israël or the Holy Land, the details cannot be worked out by us, but the picture is becoming clearer by the day. We also, in this context, support the right of return for all those Palestinians ethnically cleansed over many years and an immediate end to Israeli settlement on the West Bank.’

Mass migration; ‘We will challenge global neo-liberalism and global debt and free trade agreements that impoverish overseas working populations while building local middle classes at their expense – for the first time in its history, the UK under the WPB will cease exploiting the world and work with the BRICS to share resources and skills for the betterment of humanity.’

How will we gain & hold power? ‘Where we stand a political candidate, we want you to vote for that candidate. Where we do not stand a candidate, we want you to vote for anyone who is not one the dreadful five upholders of a broken system: the genuine (Blue) Tories, the Red Tories (Labour), the Orange Tories (Liberal Democrats), the Green Tories or, in Scotland, the Yellow Tories.

A system made up of capitalists or hangers on to capital sits secure because it thinks that whenever we get fed up with one bunch of Tories, you will have no other choice than to vote for another. That is the mould we want to break. We know that this will take a lot of organisation, time, patience, determination, some luck and our ability to persuade you, the reader, to take the risk of abandoning the usual suspects.

Watch this short but powerful video from Craig Murray in Blackburn.

I spent a few days in Blackburn canvassing and leafleting to promote the policies of my good friend Craig Murray, who is standing for The Workers Party. The Labour Party has orchestrated a way to split the Labour opposition vote by backing the new puppet Muslim candidate, Adnan Hussain.

What Really Happens in Blackburn; June 24, 2024 in Uncategorized by Craig Murray

“When I stood in Blackburn against foreign secretary Jack Straw in 2005 as an anti-Iraq war candidate, Jack Straw’s campaign manager was Ibrahim Master. He is now the campaign manager of “Independent” candidate, vote-splitter Adnan Hussain.”

Vote to ‘Drain the Swamp’ • Farms Not Factories (1)

Read; Craig Murray’s Campaign Against Empire We must fight the evil of empire in every way possible, especially given the genocide in Gaza. Win or lose. What matters is resistance; CHRIS HEDGES; JUL 01, 2024

‘(Jack) Straw, although out of Parliament, casts an ominous shadow over Craig’s campaign. For, as in most of the constituencies where Labour is being challenged by candidates that oppose Labour’s support for Israel, a second well-funded independent, devoid of political experience or a public record on nearly all issues, is also running on an anti-genocide platform. In the case of Blackburn, this person is Adnan Hussain. While Hussain spends much of his campaign attacking Craig, Craig has held a series of meetings on Palestine, including one where he, Richard Medhurst and I spoke to a packed hall at Saint Paul’s Methodist church in Blackburn. Craig has also hosted campaign events with Professor David Miller, who was fired in 2021 from the University of Bristol for his criticisms of Israel, and Dr. Bob Gill, who has documented the defunding, outsourcing and marketization of Britain’s National Health Service by all ruling parties since Margaret Thatcher. Roger Waters is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Blackburn for Craig on July 2.

The Muslim media site, 5Pillars, proposed that Craig and Hussain toss a coin to see who should run as an independent against the Labour Party. Craig agreed. Hussain, a 34-year-old lawyer, refused. “The people behind Hussain’s campaign are Jack Straw’s people,” Craig says. “The people financing and organising his campaign are Jack Straw’s people. The Labour Party is splitting the challenge. It’s not only here. It’s happening around the country.”

Vote to ‘Drain the Swamp’ • Farms Not Factories (2)

Roger Waters with Craig Murray Live in Blackburn!

If you live in North West Leicestershire, look into voting for the lone voice in Westminster speaking up about how the Covid 19 vaccine is neither safe or effective, Andrew Bridgen.


Resistance GB journalist Will Coleshill speaks in a special episode of The Resistance Podcast with Andrew Bridgen, MP for Northwest Leicestershire until the present election and now Independent candidate.

“The EU are preparing to sell war bonds to investors to pay for the war. The problem with selling war bonds is that you actually owe someone a war. We need some sensible heads, we need some statesmen in the House of Commons to stop this madness because all that a war with Russia will give us is a lot of grief. It’ll probably involve China and Iran as well. We could easily get it escalated into a full world war. The only people who win out of it are the super rich and it buries the poor.”

If you live in Putney, look into voting for my friend, Heiko Khoo, from The Workers Party.

Listen; Media excluding Galloway Workers Party from general election Heiko Khoo Putney Debate

If you live in West Cornwall look into voting for my friend and colleague, David Laity, standing as an Independent. See his interview with Richard Vobes;

Watch; Can Independents do it? Richard Vobes,13 Jun 2024;

‘David Laity, an independent candidate in the forthcoming election, based in Cornwall, joins me to discuss the potential successes for independent governance and how they need to work together to change things for the better.’

If you live in Stroud, consider voting for the Independent MP candidate, Saskia Whitfield. She and her supporters are local friends of mine, publishers of the Light Newspaper and have formed a vibrant community standing for a local economy.

28 June 2024, a message from the Truth-seeking Prospective MP for Stroud;

“They take one little word out of what you say, ignore all the rest, and then begin to magnify it all over the world to make you look like what you actually aren’t.” Malcolm X (1925–1965)

Saskia Whitfield; ‘The whole of Germany has spent several generations consumed with guilt over World War Two (WW2), with anyone daring to question the mainstream narrative often being casually labelled as a “Hitler Lover”. My grandfathers were German and British, and both fought in WW2. I am interested in, and open to, narratives other than those peddled by the mainstream. To give just one example, the “authorised” version of history only rarely reports that Prime Minister Winston Churchill refused a number of peace treaties offered by Adolf Hitler prior to WW2.

Because of some fundamentally differing narratives in the reported history, I always keep an open mind. This became a deeply personal journey for me – one of re-learning history and finding healing for my family. I am determined to reclaim the truth of our family history, and also that of Germany as a nation. When one discovers that governments commonly lie about key historical realities (for example, via “false flags”), we see a pattern that’s as relevant today as it has been throughout recorded history; and it is thus more than likely that governments and corporations are commonly lying today.

Thalidomide. Tobacco. Sugar vs fat. The JFK assassination. DDT and polio. Weedkiller and bees. 9/11. And (dare I mention) Covid-19… the list is enormous. These are just a few examples in history where the “authorised” mainstream narrative has now been shown to be largely or completely false – especially when the establishment has been keen to hide the truth so as to further their own agenda or interests.

My extensive research has shown me that the dynamics surrounding what happened with Germany in WW2 cannot be properly understood without understanding that a similar process has recurred throughout history – with financial and power motivations almost always being paramount. I profoundly stand for freedom of speech, and I believe that without such conversations continuing to remain as questions that can be critically thought about, a slippery slope towards censorship and authoritarianism is pretty much inevitable.

Famous contemporary recipients of the mindless cancel-culture treatment of the Covid/vaccine years are world-renowned doctors, Peter McCollough and Robert Malone.

What is at stake here is the very nature of the freedom-centred society I hope we all want to live in. No one would have heard about the unspeakable atrocities at Guantanamo Bay, or the Apache helicopter attack in Iraq, or Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse if Julian Assange hadn’t spoken out. Questioning accepted narratives is often necessary if any kind of real change is going to come about. I will do everything I can to seek the truth, wherever it leads me.

Marcus Blackett and Richard House strongly stand by their generous decision to propose me as Independent candidate for Stroud. As they reaffirmed to me today: “You’re not a suit, and you’ll stand with and for the people; you’re very intelligent and you’ll do your utmost to progress this town with a courageous commitment to fearless speech and truth that the other candidates can’t get anywhere near. I will do my very best to live up to their confidence in me”.

Many people in Islington North don’t know that Jeremy Corbyn is standing as an Independent. Though he is extremely popular, Independents and small parties like The Workers Party, have no access to the millions of pounds of campaign funds enjoyed by the bigger parties so depend on volunteers going door to door. Please join the canvassers.

Some recent good news;

Watch; Massive blow to Starmer as 72 Labour members QUIT for Corbyn! KernowDamo; 28 Jun 2024;

‘An absolutely massive story has broken today, in a possible sign of things to come under Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour party, if you can call it that, as 72 members of North Islington Constituency Labour Party have now quit in order to support Jeremy Corbyn and have done so in a brutal takedown of Keir Starmer’s antidemocratic conduct, issuing a scathing joint letter saying that the imposition of candidates, the lack of consultation, the prevention from selecting their own candidate was all too much, and coming as this move does following the resignation of some fifty Labour members over Faiza Shaheen being blocked from standing, for example, and resignations from the party having happened up and down the country in other areas as well as a result of candidate impositions and arbitrary blocks being placed on favoured local candidates. Keir Starmer might well be riding high in the polls and be on course for a parliamentary majority, but what exactly will be left of the Labour Party, which is collapsing at a grassroots level to a degree we’ve never witnessed before.’

Labour will not recognise Palestine

Labour leader Keir Starmer says he will not recognise Palestine as a State, further infuriating what was remaining of the Party’s left wing base.

During his bid to become British Prime Minister, Keir Starmer has said there is “no risk” that…

— MintPress News (@MintPressNews) June 28, 2024

If you live in Keir Starmer’s constituency, Holborn and St Pancras, help oust him by voting for Andrew Feinstein who is standing as an Independent. I canvassed for Andrew for a few days and will return Wednesday till the end of play on election day, Thursday.

Watch; Andrew Feinstein for Holborn & St Pancras short post on his campaign policies.

Seeing the importance of taking Keir Starmer’s seat, Roger Waters is supporting Andrew Feinstein. They speak about the need to drain the swamp of corporate captured politicians in Westminster.

Watch; “Keir Starmer is a Snake” Roger Waters & Andrew Feinstein on Israel, Genocide, Labour & Antisemitism Double Down News, 27 June 2024;

They don’t hold back!

Roger Waters; “Starmer will choose anything he’s told to choose by the ruling class who pull his strings. We know that because he is a snake in the grass in every possible way.

Andrew Feinstein; “Who would have thought that we would be watching on our screens every morning the most horrendous genocide we’ve seen since the Second World War? And our governments are not just doing nothing about it, they’re enabling, facilitating and profiting from it.”

Roger Waters; “They’re living in this awful, awful society where genocide of another people is part of their whole political ethos. The sooner it finishes, the better. The time has come for them to say, whoops, we got this completely wrong. We were wrong in 1948, we’ve been wrong ever since. We’re even wronger now, we’re really sorry,

we’re going to stop. And somebody should make a proper democratic state where there are equal human rights for everybody, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea, irrespective of their ethnicity or religion”.

Feinstein; “I’ve had Jews in Britain, including a rabbi, when I mentioned my mother’s history, saying on social media, well, if she survived, she must have been a Kapo, just like you.”

Waters; “Any criticism of the genocide we’re committing is actually an act of anti semitism.

No, it’s not”

Feinstein; “the entire concept of anti semitism, it’s become useless and worthless because the term itself has been so weaponised”.

Waters; “The only thing that I could do that would be wrong would be to stand by, silent and indifferent, and watch this existential battle for the soul of the human race be lost.”

Feinstein; “The elite’s refusal to acknowledge ordinary people, it’s off the scale”.

Waters; “But hang on, if this independent bloke Andrew Feinstein beats Starmer, right, in the general election in Holborn and St Pancras, surely that would mean Keir Starmer can’t be the prime minister. And the last line is, exactly.”

Every party is failing the Palestinian people but us #GazaGenocide #FreePalestine #WorkersPartyGB #Election2024 #FYP @derbychrisw @georgegalloway

— Workers Party of Britain (@WorkersPartyGB) June 25, 2024

The two main parties are pro-Israel and so have no problem fueling thegenocide in Gaza – so neither of them deserve our votes.

Read; What have candidates said about Israel’s war on Gaza? The New Arab, 23rd June 2024;

‘In October, Starmer backed the government in not supporting a ceasefire deal and said he did not believe a ceasefire was the correct decision at the time, in comments made to delegates at Chatham House in London.

He also told LBC that “Israel has the right to do everything it can” to get captives back and that “Israel has the right” to withhold power and water from Palestinian civilians.’

Get used to watching Starmer lie routinely if he becomes PM. In this interview he refuses again and again to answer the question whether he would have accepted a job in a Corbyn government.

Watch; Keir Starmer’s dishonesty catches up with him; KernowDamo,19th June 2024;

Damien Willey; “Starmer’s belief that Corbyn couldn’t win in 2017 must have come as a shock to him. And Labour actually ended up increasing the number of seats they had for the first time since 1997. 20 years of losing seats in subsequent elections finally ended, all despite the sabotage going on behind the scenes at Labour HQ, where funding was misappropriated to shore up favourite MP’s right wingers.

And if that funding had been sunk into winning new seats, as it was supposed to be, Labour might well have won. It’s been the belief of many members of the Labour party from that period that those who abused the party finances for their own political agendas inflicted the Tories on us thereafter.”

Having served in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet for as long as he had, just makes him look all the more dishonest and all the more untrustworthy. Which is, in my view, exactly how people should perceive Keir Starmer. The man lies like a rug. He cannot be trusted, and his conduct while serving Corbyn ostensibly highlights that. And this question just shone a spotlight on Starmer’s conduct during that entire period.

He served for four years in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, and yet tells us he didn’t think they’d win an election. It was all about helping ‘good colleagues’. Oh, we’ve seen what he thinks ‘bad colleagues’ must be in his factional purging of so many left wing candidates, and indeed MP’s as well, using boundary changes to rid himself of even more. So, was he part of the plot to stop Corbyn from within? In which case there was his people’s ‘vote Brexit’ move at the 2018 Labour Party conference which detonated Corbyn’s Brexit position; handed the 2019 general election to Boris Johnson on a plate.

Starmer, easily seen as the chief savage there. It was his brief, after all. Since then, of course, he’s gone on to say he wants to make Brexit work. So did he ever believe in a people’s vote at all? Or was it just another example of his dishonesty to forward his own right wing ends?

Well, there’s something else that happened between that Labour conference in the autumn of 2018 and the 2019 general election, which took place that December, 6 months before the election. It turns out that Starmer was already setting up his own leadership team with the aim at that point of convincing the Labour membership to back Starmer in a future leadership race should Labour lose the upcoming election, which of course they did. Which Starmer says he expected, Starmer in no small part, of course, having dealt the damage already, Corbyn going along with it reluctantly. I, and many others, have been very critical of this. Starmer should have been sacked in my view for what he did.”

None of the mainstream parties are offering to support farmers to relocalise the food economy, to end chemical inputs or protect national producers from cheap substandard imports, so in my opinion they have no meaningful vision for UK farmers. Election messaging is framed in ambiguous doublespeak, with no concrete policies that farmers can rely on or vote for. All parties except Labour have promised to increase the farm subsidy budget which is presently £3.1bn per year across the UK. Instead of increasing the farm budget, Labour have promised to ‘slash red tape’ at the borders ie lubricating global trade rather than ensuring we can feed Britain. Great that they plan to source 50% of food for prisons, hospitals etc from UK producers, but no mention of ensuring that the food is not covered in toxic chemicals, and no sign of any protection from predatory supermarket practices such as changing their orders mid season, and defrauding farmers by delaying months before paying for the produce.

Listen; 29/06/2024 – Farming Today

Charlotte Smith hosts an “election special” looking at rural manifesto promises – she explores what’s on offer on food, farming, the environment and rural services. She’s joined by rural correspondents from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sustain’s party manifesto gives bullet points and star ratings for different policy areas:


Sustain’s General Election Manifesto as PDF

Listen; UK Election Interviews 8.9 Newsweek; FarmGate, June 28, 2024;

Conversations with candidates from three of the parties standing across Britain in next week’s UK general election – the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Green Party. The Labour party were unable to make anyone available for a conversation.

Julia Aglionby, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Penrith and Solway – 01’0”

Simon Hoare, the Conservative candidate for North Dorset – 45’25”

Toby Hammond, the Green Party candidate for Beccles and Lowestoft -1,16’05”

Listen; Wheat from the Chaff – UK Election Special: What’s on offer? FarmGate, June 26 2024;

Phil Carson (Nature Friendly Farming Network) and ffinlo Costain (8.9ha) discuss what’s on offer in the Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green and Labour manifestos, in terms of food, farming and nature.

The traditional Conservatives love farmers, the Neoliberal Tories don’t!

Read; ‘Cannot be trusted’: traditional farming voter base turns away from Tories The Guardian, 7th June 2024;

‘Hertfordshire farmer Andrew Watts . . . . says the switch (away from the Tories) is partly down to what he calls a “lack of coherent agricultural policy” from Westminster, but he mainly blames it on a loss of integrity within the Tories in recent years.

“I think their policies have ignored rural areas, and ignored the importance of food production,” he says. “The performance since Brexit has shown that this government cannot be trusted.”

Whether it is the international trade deals that have removed tariffs on most Australia and New Zealand meat, which many feel undercut domestic livestock farmers, or delays to post-Brexit payment schemes, which have left many struggling financially, its traditional farming electorate in England is feeling unhappy and taken for granted.’

Farmers must be terrified of the prospect of a Keir Starmer Labour Government.

Listen; Farming Today 21/06/24

Farmers at the Royal Highland Show say what they want from an incoming government.

1st Farmer; I like to see straight talking politicians who deliver what they’re saying. I quite like for them to point out the benefits that agriculture offer and food is the driver that keeps everybody going. Because we’re dwindling numbers, because farms are getting bigger, we are becoming less of a vote and less of a voice. But it doesn’t get away from the importance of what we do.

2nd Farmer; Definitely not enough about farmers. I’m young. I don’t really know who to vote for. I’ve not decided yet because I can’t seem to hear anything about agricultural society. And they’re focusing more on big things.

3rd Farmer; Better support and financial help as well. More grants.

4th Farmer; We don’t know where we stand. There’s nothing about agriculture much I don’t know. I don’t know what to vote.

5th Farmer; I’d certainly like to see somebody paying a lot more attention to farming than they’re doing just now. None of them seem to pay lip service and do absolutely nothing after it.

Beware of Reform. In this clip, Nigel Farage reveals that his Brexit plan was to get cheaper imports from all over the world. Gullible idiots like me voted Brexit to control our imports, not increase global trade. Food that can be produced by our farmers should not be imported.

Watch: Save British Farming founder Liz Webster (Save British Farming) and Nigel Farage react to Rishi Sunk as he addresses The Arm to Fork summit; GB News, Tiktok;

In Full;

Nigel Farage; “What is the real message to farming from government?”

Liz Webster; “It is pure electioneering. It is trying to make out that if they’re re-elected, they will start to listen. But quite frankly, it’s very, very late in the day. We know we’re facing a Labour government. Anyway, if they do decide to vote for the Conservatives, which I don’t think a lot of them will, they’re not going to get these promises delivered. And it’s also worth remembering that Rishi Sunak was chancellor before he was prime minister. He had his hands on the till and we started protesting in that year 2020, as the Agriculture act was going through parliament. We said, where’s the food plan? There was never a food plan. It was an environmental act. It’s not an agriculture act.”

Nigel Farage; “Now he’s launching a food security index.”

Liz Webster; “Look, it was a major tear up between our trade, especially for agriculture, with the European Union. And then they changed all of the laws to look after agriculture and turned around and said, don’t worry, farmers, put your cap on and go out and cut the hedges and plant some flowers and if you’re lucky, put a solar park in, if the grid can cope with it, to get a bit of income. And largely, that’s what they’ve done to us. I probably wasn’t invited (to Sunak’s Farm to Fork discussion) because, if I had the opportunity to ask something, this is exactly what I would be saying. We’re now in a really dangerous situation on food. Since Brexit happened, we’ve become more reliant on food from Europe than ever before.”

Nigel Farage; “Which is bonkers, because actually one of the points of Brexit was it would be easier to import food cheaper, from other parts of the world.”

Liz Webster; “We always imported food from around the world, Nige,”

Nigel Farage; “Should be easier now, outside the CPP”

Liz Webster; “No, because we’ve got worse terms outside of the European Union.”

Nigel Farage; “which is completely insane.”

Food, Farming & Ecocide

A Welsh farmer describes the crisis facing all our farmers, and the solution. Sadly I don’t expect a Labour government to listen – it’s up to people to buy from our farmers or we will lose them.

Charlotte Llewellyn video – Farmers across the globe are standing up for their rights, and the UK is no exception. Farmers in Wales were on the streets last May to complain about the new subsidy scheme (now postponed for a year) that would only subsidise farmers if they take 20-25% of their land out of food production for habitats, trees or wetlands.

Our taxes are being poured into subsidising agri-tech food research via public/private partnerships. That’s public money being used to fund research into techno-food that no one wants to eat, just at a time when more and more people want to reconnect with and buy from farmers who produce healthy, chemical free food grown in healthy soil in the ground, not in bags. See the article, referenced below, by Dr Mercola with evidence that ultra-processed, high-tech food causes higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Read: The True Extent of Biotechnology Experimentation—It’s Happening Now Hatchard Report, 17 June 2024;

‘Biosynthetic food products are even being falsely promoted as more nutritious than organic food. None of this is backed by sound science. Although most, if not all, of these projects are doomed to fail and will ultimately disappear off the menu, along the way our taxes are being diverted to pay the handsome salaries of biotechnology schemers hungry for profit and fame, and boost corporate profits. More importantly, the experimentation will leave a toxic legacy of persistent genetic pollution which will continue to undermine plant health and human longevity through the generations.

Food is being designed in labs and manufactured in biosynthetic fermentation vats and vertical farms. This involves unregulated gene editing of crops and animals using CRISPR gene editing proven to have unpredictable effects but without any requirement to label end point foods.

Synthetic meat such as lab grown quail whose genes are forced to multiply using unspecified genetic promoters in a medium of barley containing pig genes. The synthetic quail also contains biosynthetic vitamins and added minerals to ‘enhance’ or rather ‘correct’ its deficient nutritional profile. This is about to be released in Australia and described as GMO free.

Food made from insect protein whose production is robotically controlled by AI technology in giant mega factories. Yes, these factories are being built right now and they are winning plaudits and awards from UNESCO.’

Kenya seed swapping banned. Who would want to disrupt this traditional, healthy and inexpensive system? The usual suspects! Africa’s farmers are being taught and bribed to farm in ways that ensure most of the profits go to Big Ag and its billionaire investor banksters led by so called philanthro-capitalists like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Listen: UK Column News Podcast 5th June 2024;

Presenter, Charles Malet at 47:55; “90% of the seeds planted in Kenya are from informal seed systems. I think we could take that as being a figure that would apply across all of Africa, if not much of the rest of the world. And critically here, 80% of smallholder farmers depend on informal seed systems, which include sharing seeds with other farmers. Denying these farmers the right to use their indigenous seeds is a theft of the biological resources which will translate to low food production, leading to food insecurity. And that really is the key to this. So this comes from, in the case of Kenya, the 2012 Seeds and Plant Variety act.

Now, they talk about the theft from, essentially, their indigenous practices. The question is, therefore, who is conducting this theft? Who is engaged in these sorts of operations and trying to disrupt a system that has been in place for a long time? Well, let me introduce you to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Agricultural Innovations; Gates Ag One it’s called. . . . I’ve got a short video from their website describing what it is that they’re planning to do in Africa.”

Gates from the video: “Progress starts here, growth starts here, resilience starts here. Smallholder farms and the seeds planted on them share a lot in common, support them and they will thrive, equip them and they strengthen everything around them. And yet its potential is still largely unrealised.

Bill and Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations was set up to bridge this gap with the mission of a non-profit and the agility of a startup accelerator. We call ourselves Gates Ag One. Because agriculture is at the intersection of the most pressing issues affecting humanity today, and smallholder farmers can be important agents of change all over the world if given the right tools and support.

We use our unique convening power and patient capital to develop breakthrough crop transformations that reach and benefit smallholder farmers. Breakthroughs like improved synthesis, nitrogen fixation and carbon cycling. Improving plant biology, alongside pest and disease resistance and weed control, offers the potential solutions that are renewable, affordable and scalable. Design, build, test, repeat. There’s no time to lose. Join us.”

Charles Malet: “There we are, Gates Ag One with a masterful display of saying one thing and really meaning another. But they are certainly not the only people who are in on this. . . But we’ll just look at the committed grant from the Gates Foundation. This goes back to 2012, of course, $56 million boosts to increase food crops. Cambridge University have been given $35 million to boost production sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, the Rockefeller Foundation, of course, had an alliance for a green revolution in Africa. Again, the Rockefeller . Foundation here, specifically saying they support a uniquely African green revolution to improve smallholder farm productivity while preserving the environment.

Now, this is the thing, the incessant targeting of the smallholder, which has prompted Scientific American to put forward what seems to be a completely reasonable point of view, which is that Bill Gates should stop telling Africans what kind of agriculture Africans need.”

“But why exactly is he, and indeed the Rockefellers, or anybody else trying to do this? And this is from Mordor Intelligence; “Latest on the projections in the world seed market”. So we see at the moment, 2024, valued at around $73 billion a year, that’s projected to go up to $100 billion by 2030. It might well be more than that. Now, that, of course, is why people are interested.

The other thing that I should make clear here is that the type of seeds that they’re talking about creating and selling are seeds that have in some way been modified and therefore we heard the necessity for chemical inputs. It also means that they’re likely to be sold as being drought-resistant or pest-resistant. But that in large part is going to mean that digestibility by the human body is going to be greatly inferior. We also see in the literature from African farmers saying that these sorts of seeds are going to be very unlikely to be suited to the African conditions and will require huge cost inputs.”

53:50 “Just quickly, to round off, I point towards the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding act, which came through in the United Kingdom in 2023, of course, with the full support of the NFU. But the reason I highlight it is that it’s being talked about as a key tool for food security. And within the regulation section, they talk about regulating the food onto the market produced from precision-bred organisms. Now, they make it sound like this regulation is effectively a restriction, here, saying that it cannot be done except in accordance with the marketing authorisation. And finally, that they impose requirements for the purpose of securing traceability in relation to food or feed. Now, in its current iteration, of course, this is how it’s looked at. It’s as though it’s to control this sort of food from going on to the market but . . . it doesn’t take much of a sea change before a decision that may be made that could effectively turn it around, where in actual fact, it is the only food that is deemed suitable to be marketed.”

This deep dig down into the dodgy dealers who want to play god includes various snippets from their promotional material. Even the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is involved. A taste of things to come is to turn military plastic waste into protein powder for human consumption.

Listen; The Future of Food The Corbett Report Podcast, 11th June 2024;

15:28; Presenter: Now that scientists are playing around with the fundamental building blocks of life – re-engineering organisms at the cellular level – an entire field of biotechnology is opening up that is threatening to fundamentally transform what we think of as food itself.

New voice: “Moving beyond the simple insertion of foreign genes into an organism, scientists are now working on creating foodstuffs from designer microbes, engineering organisms into bioreactors that can be used to grow proteins and other materials for food production. Growing meat like products from cells in laboratories, and dozens of other zany ideas.”

New voice: “The meat of the future will likely be lab grown compared to our conventional methods of getting meat on the table, lab grown meat, which debuted in 2013, doesn’t involve slaughtering of animals, nor does it require as many environmental resources.”

New voice: “Hey, smart people, Joe here. I’m about to be one of the first people on earth to eat real chicken grown entirely in a lab. That’s right. We’re talking the most futuristic nuggets ever.”

New voice: “Nearly 90% of Americans eat meat as a part of their diet. But earlier this year, the agriculture department approved production of what’s known as cultivated meat, that is, chicken grown in a lab.”

New voice: “This machine is 3D printing steak. The goal is to create a piece of meat without killing a cow. And this Israeli startup is one of the dozens of companies racing to perfect the process.”

New voice: “It turns out that cows aren’t necessarily the most efficient way of making beef.”

New voice: “After a near decade-long PR campaign, you’ve probably heard of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, companies that employ the latest techniques in chemical engineering to create plant-based meat substitutes. But there are many more technologies around the corner that threaten to transform our food supply in even more bewildering ways.

Scientists are bioengineering spores that can be inserted into crops and livestock, allowing companies to identify and track food products all the way through the food system from farm to factory to fork.”

New voice: “We use microbes as tracking devices. So what we do is we convert data, digital data, into strands of DNA. We insert that little bit of DNA into a microorganism, a probiotic microorganism, to be honest. And then we can apply that organism and sort of have it hitch a ride on any food or agricultural product or really anything, through the supply chain. And the reason we use a microbe to do it is because we engineer it to go into a spore, a dormant state, that allows it to be impervious to high temperatures and UV light, to protect that DNA barcode through transit.”

New voice: “DARPA (the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is doling out multimillion dollar contracts for researchers to find ways to turn military plastic waste into protein powder for human consumption.”

New voice: “What we’re trying to do is to use microbes to take plastic and other inedible plant material and turn that into something that’s nutritious.”

New voice: “The idea is to turn components of plastic into protein and other nutrients, like fats and sugars.”

New voice: “What we’re trying to do is to take that plastic and turn it into something completely different.”

New voice: “A company called Amai Proteins is using genetically engineered microbes to create peptides that taste like sugar but are digested like proteins, a process that the company brags allows their product to be legally sold as non- GMO, even though, as they openly admit, these microbes are technically genetically engineered.”

Some areas of the world are waking up to the threat of lab grown meat and taking action!

Listen/Read; Lab-grown meats are bad for our health, can be weaponised, and are a tool to phase out farmers Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 8th June 2024;

‘Lab-grown meat faces significant hurdles in the US as multiple states push for bans. Florida and Arizona recently prohibited its sale, and Iowa banned schools from purchasing it. Despite initial optimism after the US approved lab-grown meat in June 2023, federal lawmakers are also considering restrictions.’

‘International resistance is also growing, with Italy banning lab-grown meat and France considering similar measures. Proponents argue these products are crucial for global protein needs, while opponents stress the importance of natural foods. The future of lab-grown meat remains uncertain amid ongoing legal and political battles.’

Bill Gates seems to think his immense wealth gives him the wisdom, and the right, to promote high-tech corporate solutions to problems that don’t exist, namely that livestock cause climate change, and that there’s not enough food to feed the world. Both are corporate-sponsored lies that Big Ag uses to justify high tech agriculture, giving corporations the chance to take over and profit from more and more of the world’s food supply, bankrupting small farmers, privatising seeds, and spreading deadly herbicides that poison the soil, the farmers themselves, and ultimately all of us through the food chain.

Read or Listen; Bill Gates: You can either fix cows to stop their emissions, or you can make beef without the cow; Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 5 June 2024;

‘Last year self-appointed globalist technocrat Bill Gates said that 6% of global emissions are from cows. “You can either fix the cows to stop them doing that, or you can make beef without the cow,” he said.

To reduce emissions, he said, for richer nations the only solution was synthetic protein alternatives and “for Africa and other poor countries, we’ll have to use animal genetics.”

Although this is last year’s news, we are reminding readers what Gates and his cronies aim to do.

In January 2023, Gates spouted his non-expert opinion on Reddit about global warming goals which was then amplified by corporate media. CNBC was one of Gates’ foghorns:

The world will not be able to avoid overshooting the goal established in the 2015 Paris Climate Accord to limit global warming to, ideally, 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, Bill Gates told Reddit users.

Bill Gates: We will overshoot 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming, nuclear can be ‘super safe’ and fake meat will eventually be ‘very good’, CNBC, 14 January 2023.

A week later, the self-appointed expert on global warming joined the Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank.

On 23 January 2023, Lowy Institute hosted Bill Gates for an “in-person conversation” with Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove about global health, pandemic preparedness, food security and climate change.

Lowy Institute described Gates as a philanthropist, technologist, innovator and investor. It’s fantastically bizarre how far removed from public opinion self-styled elites are. While there is no doubt that he is an investor, there can’t be many in the world who think Gates is a philanthropist, technologist or innovator. Neither do we think he is an expert in global health, pandemic preparedness, food security or climate change so why any self-respecting think tank would waste their time asking for Gates’ non-opinion is beyond our understanding.

Nevertheless, the Lowly Institute gave Gates 60 minutes of airtime. And Gates did what Gates always does, marketed his latest scheme.

“The opportunities created by a world that is getting rid of greenhouse gas emissions – Australia is rare in that the opportunities exceed the things you have to give up – you have to give up a large part of the, and eventually almost all of the, coal mining activity, uh you know what happens with beef,” Gates told Fullilove.

“My climate group, Breakthrough Energy, just announced literally today an investment in an Australian group called Rumin8 that helps cows not be so much a source of methane emissions,” Gates said.

As reported by Slay News, Rumin8 planned to disrupt the methane-emitting animal agriculture industry with a lab-grown feed additive. The Perth-based firm was developing a supplement for livestock made from synthetically replicated bromoform, the active ingredient found in a red seaweed.

From cutting down trees to genetically engineering microbes, it is obvious that Bill Gates has no interest in improving the natural world, environment, climate or people’s lives – he is only interested in maximising the return on his investments.

In short, Gates’ ventures are scams to enable the rich to become richer. To ensure the profits keep rolling in, the “solutions” he markets are always man-made and synthetic. “Solutions” that can be patented, owned, manufactured and sold. But that’s not all. Gates and his fellow investors intend that the world becomes entirely dependent on their “solutions” with no other options permitted. To achieve this, they work through United Nations and government diktats, with the hopes of cementing the self-styled elites’ rule and profiteering in perpetuity. Gates, his cronies and their “solutions” must go.’

High-tech ‘alternative’ foods such as veggie burgers, plant-based milk substitutes and other ultra-processed foods increase the risk of heart disease, says Dr Mercola.

Read; Plant-Based Ultra Processed Foods Linked With Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Dr. Joseph Mercola, 24 June 2024;

‘Story At A Glance;

– Plant-based ultra processed foods, including veggie burgers and meatless nuggets, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
– Eating plant-based ultra processed foods was linked with a 5% increased risk of cardiovascular disease and a 12% higher risk of cardiovascular disease mortality

– Vegans and vegetarians often consume more ultra processed foods than meat eaters, especially “industrial plant-sourced meat and dairy substitutes”
– The health risks of these unnatural foods come not only from the highly processed ingredients they contain but also from the additives and contaminants formed during processing
– Plant-based ultra processed foods are typically loaded with seed oils high in the toxic omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid.

Veggie burgers, plant-based sausages and meatless nuggets are touted as environmentally friendly health foods, but research published in The Lancet Regional Health Europe shows these and other plant-based ultra processed foods increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.1

The findings challenge the perception that meatless convenience foods are good for you, instead highlighting the fact that ultra processed foods (UPFs) are a disaster for your health, whether they’re plant-based or not.

I am not a scientist so I have no idea how much humans are causing climate change and how much is a natural phenomenon. Though unnamed, this guy is determined we need more CO2!

Watch; We are played big time, Instagram;

Presenter; ‘Is there currently a climate emergency?

There is an emergency. It’s an emergency of common sense. And the other emergency we have is there’s not enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It has been decreasing over geological time from 0.7%, which is 500 million years ago, to the current 0.04%. If we halved it, all plant life would die. And we should be thinking very seriously about the long term future of the planet and feeding plants with plant food, which is carbon dioxide.

So we have a huge crisis in the education system, which has been dumbed down for the last 60 years. As a result of that, we have people having eco anxiety and thinking there’s a climate crisis. It’s actually a crisis of education.

Presenter; I think it was the UN, not so long back, last week, declared that with the era of global warming is over and the era of global boiling is upon us. You would say there is no global boiling at this particular time in history?

I would say these people are idealogues who don’t know history, who are trying to frighten us witless so we can open our wallet.

This has got nothing to do with science, it’s got nothing to do with environment, it’s got nothing to do with climate. It’s to do with control and power by unelected people over it.’

The EU’s agriculture policies undermine the livelihoods of Europe’s farmers and thereby its food security.

Read; Reclaiming food sovereignty: an alternative approach to trade and agriculture Thomas Fazi, 6th June 2024;

‘The report concludes that the EU’s current trade and agriculture policies are flawed and unsustainable. The ongoing consolidation of agricultural production benefits large corporations at the expense of small farmers and rural communities. To ensure Europe’s long-term food security and support for European farmers, the EU must return to its original focus on food sovereignty. This means rejecting harmful Free trade agreements (FTAs), reducing import dependency, prioritising the production of food over unrealistic environmental targets, and implementing policies that favour domestic agricultural production. We should stand with and support Europe’s farmers, not treat them as a problem to be disposed of or replaced.’

Read the full report here.

If people knew about the misery and pain that mother pigs endure in narrow steel farrowing crates where they cannot turn round or lie down properly for five weeks at a time, they would stop buying factory farmed pork. Please see our undercover investigation into the dreadful conditions on a typical UK factory farm that uses farrowing crates.

Read; Scottish animal charity condemns ‘cruel’ use of farrowing crates on farms Farmers Guardian, 8 June 2024;

Bob Elliot, director of the charity (OneKind), said: “Throughout the UK, mother pigs are routinely confined to cages that are barely bigger than their own bodies for up to five weeks.

“Such deprivation should not be tolerated in the 21st century.

“The Scottish Government must uphold its previous commitment to consult on a phase out to farrowing crates in Scotland.”

However, NFU Scotland Pigs Committee chair Jamie Wyllie said pig welfare was hugely important to Scottish farm businesses, with farmers already adjusting farrowing systems to be more adaptive for sows.

“Pig welfare is hugely important to Scottish pig producers and many, when considering new sheds or refitting existing buildings for sow accommodation, are already installing adaptive farrowing systems,” he added.

“Clear guidance on an agreed industry standard for space requirements in adaptive farrowing pens is urgently needed to help those planning to change, but we do know that installing new farrowing systems, which require at least 30 per cent more space per sow, will come at a considerable additional cost.

“If this were to become a legislative requirement then it must be a UK-wide decision or Scottish pig producers would be left at a huge competitive disadvantage.

“Also, if producers are banned from using existing farrowing systems and are required to install alternative and adaptive farrowing systems, then the industry must be supported to make that expensive change, or we risk losing the critical mass of producers.

“The unsupported introduction of the unilateral ban on sow stalls in the UK in 1999 saw almost half the industry leave production overnight, with significant ramifications both upstream and downstream.

“We must learn the lessons from 1999 and ensure any required change is properly supported through grant funding.”

You can view the stand up for pigs campaign here.

Where RSPCA standards are complied with, Farms Not Factories suggests people buy pork with the RSPCA label. However, the inspections are not thorough or frequent enough to prevent abuses by unscrupulous farmers.

The RSPCA claims that their welfare standards are meant to make conditions better for large numbers of animals without making farms unviable. For example, they do not allow farrowing crates, steel cages in which mother pigs are trapped for up to five weeks at a time, unable to turn around or lie down properly. They do not allow tail docking, where farmers cut the piglets’ tails to prevent tail biting, which anyway only happens when pigs are stressed and overcrowded in factory farms. However, undercover footage reveals that on several RSPCA-accredited farms, pigs are suffering torture and neglect.

Read; Chris Packham Calls On RSPCA To Suspend ‘Assured’ Welfare Label Plant Based News, 11th June 2024;

‘Packham has spoken out after an investigation revealed widespread suffering on RSPCA Assured farms.

Undercover footage obtained by Animal Rising revealed the extent of standards health and welfare violations at RSPCA Assured farms. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Packham, who is president of the RSPCA, has called on the charity to immediately suspend the scheme.

“I think the footage is utterly indefensible,” Packham, who eats a plant-based diet, told the publication “I know you are going to ask me whether [these RSPCA Assured schemes] are deliberately misleading or defrauding the public because they come with a brand which implies that there is a standard of welfare that the public would expect. What we’ve seen in that footage is not a standard of welfare that any member of the public would accept. It’s not acceptable.”

The RSPCA refused to suspend the scheme, according to The Times, as it said it would “risk leaving millions of farm animals with even less protection.”

Through 60 investigations across a four month period, Animal Rising obtained videos and photographs from 45 animal farms across the UK. In a report published Sunday, Animal Rising says it found animals suffering on every farm. A total of 280 breaches of legal standards and 94 breaches of codes of practice for animal welfare were documented. Among the worst and most frequent breaches were animals left dead and dying inside barns.

RSPCA Assured is considered the gold standard of farm assurance schemes. Animals raised on certified farms are supposed to be guaranteed more space, enrichment, and “humane” handling and slaughter. The RSPCA says that the scheme doesn’t allow factory farming. But Animal Rising says that many of the farms were highly intensive, with at least one licensed to keep up to 64,000 laying hens indoors.

Animal Rising’s report details some of the worst cases of neglect and breaches of RSPCA Assured standards its investigators found. They investigated farms rearing pigs, laying hens, chickens for meat, and salmon and trout.

Pigs on one farm in Somerset were found to be dying from viral and bacterial infections. On a salmon farm in Scotland, salmon had eyes and body parts missing and suffered from infestations of sea lice. On a Norfolk chicken farm, live chicks pecked at dead ones who had been left on the barn floor, while many were dying from starvation and dehydration.

Farm environments lacked many of the features that RSPCA Assured is supposed to guarantee, such as enrichment to alleviate stress and boredom. Chicken catches were also seen grabbing and throwing hens by their legs, though as long as it is both legs this is allowed under the scheme’s standards.

Pig farms had the highest number of legal violations followed by egg farms. On nine of 12 pig farms investigated, pigs had docked tails indicating routine mutilation, which is technically illegal. Dr Alice Brough, a former vet in the pig industry, notes in the report that tail docking is supposed to be a last resort to prevent tail biting. “If the standards were indeed ‘high welfare’, there should be no need to mitigate vice behaviours like tail and ear biting,” she writes.’

Read; Growing the Local Food Sector: A snapshot of barriers and solutions Sustain, 7th June 2024;

‘Around the UK, local food systems are creating delicious food in climate and nature-friendly ways, reviving town centres and building local economies and communities. But right now local food only makes up a tiny proportion of what is on offer to us as eaters.’

This report provides a snapshot of the state of local food from the perspective of those involved in the sector. It looks at: Vision: What the people we talked to want from, and for, local food. Barriers: The factors they believe are getting in the way of growth. Solutions: What they feel is needed for local food to thrive. The findings in this review are the first part of a process of developing an Action Plan for local food firmly grounded in the insights and experiences of those directly involved in local food supply systems. Next steps: We will build on the findings of this review through research exploring definitions and types of local food systems, their key elements and their needs. In addition, we will engage people with expertise in local food and draw on insights from a diversity of local food initiatives. Our aims are to define practical solutions to move towards ever more vibrant and beneficial local food systems, and to present an Action Plan for delivering them. Find out more by visiting the Local Food Plan website

Instead of encouraging farmers to grow tomatoes naturally in soil, Farming Today gives a lot of time to a detailed description of how tomatoes are grown year-round in a “Centre of Excellence” glasshouse at Hadlow College. It’s been set up with Thanet Earth – the biggest greenhouse complex in the UK, growing salad veg. So fragile are these tomatoes that for ‘biosecurity reasons’ the BBC presenter wasn’t allowed to enter. No doubt the greenhouse tomatoes are grown hydroponically all year round, heated by energy from solar panels that take up acres of what should be food-growing land, sprayed routinely with pesticides and producing tasteless, scentless and textureless tomatoes, whose only value is a long shelf life to suit supermarkets. Instead of giving air time to promoting this type of ‘controlled environment’ farming, from the same Farming Today podcast on June 18th, let’s hear wise words from The Soil Association Manifesto.

The Soil Association, which campaigns for sustainable and organic food and farming, has published it’s list of demands in the run up to the election. It wants the next Government to ‘grow green jobs’ by backing sustainable British farming and protect the NHS by supporting healthy and sustainable food. Brendan Costello, policy director at the Soil association charity answered all the usual BBC tropes.

Brendan Costello; “So what we want to see is a food and farming system that produces food in a way that’s good for the environment and that involves using lots of regenerative practices in a way that provides a decent livelihood and income for the farmers that produce it, and ensures that that healthy and sustainable food that is being produced is available and affordable to everybody in society.”

BBC Presenter; “You’re asking for what might seem to be some contradictory things. For instance, you’re asking for fair food prices, but also an end to nitrogen fertilisers. Now, some farmers might say you can’t grow enough food without fertilisers and keep the price of that food down.

Costello; “What we want to see are techniques that actually allow for more resilience in the farming system. So if you keep just piling on synthetic nitrogen, you’re not just degrading your soils in the long term, you’re also degrading the biodiversity upon which the farming system depends.

And so that’s not a particularly sustainable system. You’re also depending on increasingly expensive fertilisers. So that’s not good for the farmer either. And what we want to see is a system that shifts towards an emphasis on soil health, so that that system is more resilient over the long term. It’s more adaptable to climate change, which we know is going to increase pressure on farmers and it reduces those input costs over the long term.”

BBC Presenter; “Well, some might say that ending the use of nitrogen fertilisers basically means importing more food, because you’re not going to be growing enough food for everyone. And those imports might have lower standards than are achieved here in the UK.”

Costello; “Yes, we’re not talking about an abrupt ending, we’re talking about a phasing of those fertilisers. And actually what we want to see is a change to the food system more generally. So it’s people eating less meat, but better meat, eating more fruit, eating more veg and reducing waste.

And if we can do all of those things, we’re very confident that we can produce all of the food that we need in society without having to depend on those, on those environmentally harmful synthetic fertilisers”.

BBC Presenter; “Wouldn’t people have to pay more for their food?”

Costello; “We really recognise that there are lots of people struggling in society to be able to afford healthy and sustainable food. So what we need to do in order to reduce that gap is to, in the first instance, reward farmers fairly for producing food and delivering environmental outcomes. Two, we need to make sure that right through the supply chain, those farmers are being rewarded fairly and again being paid for what they’re producing, not just the food, but the environmental outcomes.

And number three, increasing the market so there are more people buying that produce. And you can do that through, for instance, making sure that more sustainable food is being served in schools, hospitals, etcetera”.

Guy Watson, founder of Riverford, the UK-wide organic vegetable box delivery company and the owner of an organic farm, is a passionate, wise and experienced campaigner prolifically promoting local organic food from family farms.

Read; Home-grown, A roadmap to resilient fruit and vegetable production in England, Soil Association, 27th June 2024;

Read; Guy Watson’s rant about the report:

‘The UK should double the land used for nature friendly farming to grow fruit and vegetables, according to a new report released by The Soil Association, Sustain and The Wildlife Trusts today.

The report calls for farmers and growers to be empowered by government policy so that they can deliver on sustainable food security and healthy diets.

The charities have written the report to raise the alarm over the fact that imports account for most of fruit and nearly half of veg consumed in the UK, while less than a third of people eat their five a day.

They’re calling for government intervention to back sustainable British farmers and growers, and for land used for horticulture in England to double, using nature and climate friendly practices. from 2% to 4% of farmland.

We wholeheartedly agree that the UK’s farming policy needs meaningful, joined up action from our next government. Riverford founder Guy says: “Growing more British fruit and veg is essential for the nation’s health and food security. We’re clear that this can be done in harmony with nature – Riverford has been doing this for 35+ years, we are proof that it can be done, However, farmers need a fair deal in the supply chain so that nature-friendly farming systems like our own can flourish.

“Agroecological, regenerative and organic practices are significantly under researched, and too many growers are struggling to stay afloat.

“The next government has a responsibility to spark a shift to a fair farming system where sustainable British production brings us more of the food that is essential for human and planet health. Overall, a long-term plan is needed to build up more, shorter, and farmer-focused routes to market, which would not only allow British family farmers to make a fair return on their produce, but also allow them to invest in decent jobs for rural communities, protecting our climate and nature, and strengthening our supply of high-quality, homegrown food for generations to come.””

You can read the full report here:

Small-scale family farmers feed 70% of the world with healthy food from well-nourished soil. This episode of Farming Today discusses heritage breeds of wheat and the Landworkers Alliance enlightened recommendations.

Listen; Re-doing the Green Revolution, the Landworkers’ Alliance manifesto and horticulture training Farming Today BBC Radio 4, 19th June

Listen; Farming Today BBC, Re-doing the Green Revolution, the Landworkers’ Alliance manifesto and horticulture training, 19 June 2024;

Presenter intro to episode; ‘Could the plant breeding achievements of the Green Revolution be started again from scratch? That’s the hope of scientists at the John Innes Centre, who say modern commercial varieties of wheat used by farmers could be replaced with better ones, using wheat lines collected a century ago. Back in the 1920s, an enterprising plant scientist named Arthur Earnest Watkins sent out letters to other Brits around the world, asking them to collect locally grown wheat, hoping the traits in those local cultivars would come in useful in the future. That original Watkins Collection is now based at the John Innes Centre in Norwich – but a massive 60 percent of the genetic diversity held within it, has never been looked at.’

The Landworkers’ Alliance is one of the smaller groups. It speaks for regenerative and sustainable agriculture, but with an emphasis on local production, and getting more people involved in growing food. We hear what they want from the next Government

5:45; Presenter; “We’re asking groups connected to farming what they want from the next government. The Land Workers alliance is one of the smaller groups. It speaks for regenerative and sustainable agriculture, but with an emphasis on local production and getting more people involved in growing food. Rebecca Lawton is their horticulture campaigns coordinator and told me they want UK food and farming to follow agro-ecological principles.

Rebecca Laughton; “In short, that means a much more sustainable, environmentally sustainable system. But also agro-ecology is very much about social and the political as well as the environmental. So we’re looking at creating a much fairer farming system where everybody who actually wants to work in farming can have access to and to the training and to the infrastructure and the capital to create that infrastructure and access the equipment they need to be able to actually earn a viable livelihood.’

Presenter; ‘One of the things you’re calling for is for a green economy apprenticeship scheme. You want that to be focused around agro-ecological farming and food. We’ve just been hearing in the programme, about the high tech glass houses at Hadlow College and that seems to be the future for horticulture. But is that part of your vision as well?’

Rebecca Laughton; ‘Not really part of our vision. I mean, when you think about the money that is needed to go into high tech farming, actually, you could support a lot of small scale agro-ecological farm startups for that same amount of money. And although controlled environment horticulture is being sold on its being highly energy efficient, actually the embodied energy required to create those systems is enormous. So we think it’s really important to, at least in parallel, have a system of agro-ecological production which is based on the soil and natural sunlight, of which we have plenty in the UK.’

Presenter; ‘Would we be producing enough food, though, that way?’

Rebecca Laughton; ‘Absolutely. I mean, agro-ecological production can actually produce very, very high amounts of food on quite small areas of land, but we’re delivering a lot more than just the produce at the end of it. We’re engaging the people who eat the food, so that they understand more about the food production. We’re delivering biodiversity on the same land where we’re producing the food. With the high tech horticulture, it’s a case of nature or food production, whereas with agro-ecology we’re bringing the two together.’

Presenter; ‘But what are you asking a new government to do? Because that sort of production system that you’re talking about would need government support, wouldn’t it?’

Rebecca Laughton; ‘Yes, it would need government support, but then so does the controlled environment horticulture. We would like there to be agro-ecological startup grants. At the moment, the farm equipment and technology fund is very focused on innovation, whereas actually there are enormous numbers of new entrants who are not just young people, but also career changers who’d like to get into farming, and they simply need the kit to get started rather than needing something that’s cutting edge.’

Presenter; ‘You’re also asking for more support for local production and food systems, but they wouldn’t be able to replace existing infrastructure maintained by supermarkets, which is where most of us get our food.’

Rebecca Laughton; ‘I think for the time being, supermarkets are likely to be around for a good many years.’

Presenter; ‘But what, you want the end of supermarkets?’

Rebecca Laughton; ‘I would like supermarkets to change. The thing is, at the moment, supermarkets are really not serving any of the farming community, including a lot of, of the much larger growers. So we really need to be looking at the way the food system is designed to ensure that growers of all types throughout the system are fairly rewarded for what they’re producing.’

The reason farm animals are transferring diseases like this new strain of E. coli is because they are too intensively raised. Small scale traditional family farms raising traditional breeds fed on pasture didn’t have these problems. However, until we drain the swamp of corporate captured politicians by strategically using our vote, we are not going to return to wise farming methods.

Listen; Farming Today BBC, 22 June 2024;

Intro; ‘This week’s food programme is investigating the new strain of shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) that’s behind this current outbreak and looks at how food producers are trying to tackle food pathogens.

One group that’s making changes are cheese makers, particularly those who use raw, unpasteurised milk.

Nina Pullman has been to meet Bronwyn Percival, who’s technical director at Neil’s Yard Dairy in London.’

Bronwyn Percival; “Thinking back during my time working with these cheese makers, this one right here used to be raw, but has recently decided to pasteurise over concerns about the risk of STEC.

Here’s another cheese that, again, was originally raw milk, but is now pasteurised. This one is still a raw, soft cheese, but is actively thinking about having to find a different milk source because her milk supplier is concerned about the risk.

This is absolutely making waves in the industry and I think the point is not that these cheeses are massively risky. We have sold these cheeses in their raw milk form for years and years and years and never had any issues with any of these cheeses. And yet all of the producers are either actively have decided to pasteurise or are considering it right now.”

Presenter; “Professor David Gally from the University of Edinburgh has been studying STEC for years and says that one of the ways of reducing the bacteria in our food is changing the way that we farm.”

Professor Gally, Lecturer in Microbial Genetics; “My opinion, and there are a few papers on this, is the intensification and perhaps switching through to grain-like diets has made a difference in terms of increased numbers of these types of organisms. So there is potential interventions there in terms of switching things back to more pasture, then we’ve got more direct interventions in terms of vaccines. I’ve moved my whole group over to phage based interventions. These are viruses that infect bacteria and kill them. So we can find viruses, these phages that kill e-coli 157 and other serotypes. So that’s really exciting. What we now are testing is whether we can get them to work by adding these in the feed or in the water to the animals.”‘

I came across a brilliant farmer, John Kempf at the farming festival, Groundswell. Here he talks about his colleague Dr. Christine Jones and how she recommends traditional natural farming methods that includes tilling the soil tillage over spraying toxic chemicals like glyphosate.

Listen: Exploring Tillage, Aggregation, and Biological Innovation with Rick Clark and John Kempf; REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE PODCAST; June 20th, 2024

‘Rick Clark, a fifth-generation farmer from Williamsport, Indiana, is dedicated to enhancing soil health and achieving harmony with nature on his farm. He has pioneered a systematic approach to regenerative farming, proudly maintaining certification for all acres as organic through his regenerative stewardship with no tillage. Rick’s practices focus on suppressing weeds, building soil health with cover crops, and prioritising human health through organic, no-till farming methods. His goal is to establish a sustainable and profitable farming system that will endure for generations.

Recently Rick Clark hosted an event where he shared insights into his farming practices, emphasising soil health, and sustainability. Joining him were experts from Green Cover Seed, Dr. Christine Jones, and John Kempf.

An overview of the event and the legacy of Dr. Christine Jones’ work

How plants can share microbes and the importance of plant diversity

The challenges of no-till organic farming and the potential need to incorporate tillage appropriately

How mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microbes respond to tillage

The impact of legumes on soil aggregation

The benefits of incorporating fenugreek into pastures for livestock health

The need for constant adaptation and learning

Additional Resources:

To learn more about Rick Clark, please visit:

To learn more about Dr. Chrstine Jones and her work, please visit:

About John Kempf

John Kempf is the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA). A top expert in biological and regenerative farming, John founded AEA in 2006 to help fellow farmers by providing the education, tools, and strategies that will have a global effect on the food supply and those who grow it.​

Through intense study and the knowledge gleaned from many industry leaders, John is building a comprehensive systems-based approach to plant nutrition – a system solidly based on the sciences of plant physiology, mineral nutrition, and soil microbiology.’

‘She (Dr. Chrstine Jones) was very clear that herbicides cause greater loss of soil aggregation and soil structure than tillage does in most situations. There was no question, no reservations. That was very clear in her mind that tillage was preferable to using herbicides. But then, when talking about tillage, one of the questions that came up in conversation was, and this is a recurring question that I get asked all the time, is, what happens with mycorrhizal fungi? Don’t you disturb and destruct your soil mycorrhizal fungal population when you do a tillage event.

And her reaction to that was quite interesting. Her response was; if you only till the top six inches of soil, there is a reserve of the soil microbial population of mycorrhizae below that. But in addition, you fracture up all of these fungal hyphae in the top six inches, and those hyphal strands that remain actually colonise the next generation of seeds faster than spores do, and that you do not lose any of your soil mycorrhizal fungal population as long as you immediately replant. She just re hammered that, when you till, you have to immediately replant and get seeds and roots going back into that environment.’

More greenwash?

Watch; Government plans to “re-sea” (flood) farming land in Somerset so that EDF can “offset” destruction of fish by Hinkley Point. 19th June

Insane on so many Somerset levels.

‘For rewilding on steroids, look at Somerset. The government believes that nuclear power station Hinkley Point will kill 800 acres of fish. It wants owner EDF to offset that by flooding 800 acres of land with sea water. It wants EDF to re-sea the land.’

Geoengineering is slowly but surely emerging from a ‘conspiracy theory’ to ‘fact’.

Watch; Pilots Testify Bill Gates Is Carpet Bombing Cities With Chemtrails – The People’s Voice Report And Correlations To COVID Bioweapons Of Mass Destruction; ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD; JUL 01, 2024

ANA MARIA MIHALCEA; ‘To me the healthcare providers giving the COVID 19 bioweapons and the pilots spraying the geoengineering poisons commit the same crime – poisoning of people and verifiable murder.’

‘We have all the evidence. If we cannot prosecute the top, let’s start with the bottom. At some point the house of cards will fall. My substack provides a lot of evidence and I am working on a book that will have this evidence catalogued – ready for any lawsuit to commence on topics of COVID 19 bioweapons and geoengineering and how the two link together.

Those people waiting for military tribunals should consider that we need to prosecute our military for poisoning us with COVID bioweapons and with the geoengineering chemicals. We the people need to free ourselves from the corrupt military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us against – of which the allopathic healthcare system is a part of.’


JULIAN is FREE! Thirteen years ago my friend Jemima Khan asked me to join a group who were raising surety for Julian Assange’s bail. I had read about and admired this hero’s fight for free speech through his WikiLeaks platform where whistleblower’s identities are protected. So I joined a bunch of sureties to keep him out of jail. The US government was hounding Julian because he passed information given to him by whistleblowers, (who are supposed to receive protection in so-called democracies), on to several EU newspapers (The Guardian leaked it to The New York Times) about war crimes, human rights violations and outright lies. I could only sympathise when, to prevent extradition to the US, he broke bail to accept the asylum offered by the enlightened former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

My partner Alastair and I lived 5 blocks from the Ecuadorian Embassy, so we were in close contact with Julian, and many of his family, friends and colleagues stayed in my house. My many conversations with Julian in the Embassy and afterwards in Belmarsh Prison convinced me he is a visionary hero on a par with Mahatma Gandhi. My campaigning for his freedom led me to lobby my local MP, James Grey, who explained why he supported Julian’s extradition to the US by pointing out the list of defence committees he sits on. I wrote to David Cameron who replied saying that he hoped Julian would be extradited to America and jailed.

Through Julian’s persecution I learnt how our politicians are captured by the military industrial complex, the mainstream media lies and the judiciary bends the rules at every hearing to keep him locked up. I also found the genuine journalists that I now feature in this newsletter.

I was thrilled but not entirely surprised at the news of his release. The high court judges at the last hearing had ruled that Julian could not be extradited unless the US government gave an assurance that he would receive the same protection under First Amendment Rights to Free Speech as a US citizen. However, because the US Constitution insists on separation of judicial and state powers, the US government cannot give assurances on behalf of a court, so the US had backed itself into a legal cul de sac, and would likely have lost at the 9th and 10th July hearing. They therefore decided they had better free him before suffering a humiliating defeat at the hearing.

Now we have to ensure that the work of journalists is not further undermined by Julian being coerced into a plea bargain that he “agrees to plead guilty to one felony related to the disclosure of national security information in exchange for his release from Belmarsh Prison in the United Kingdom” (Common Dreams, June 24, 2024).

Will the prosecution of Julian in the remote Mariana Islands leave a precedent that threatens journalists worldwide who publish material that reveals war crimes and illegal surveillance by the US as part of its perpetual imperial power games.

Read; “Wiki-Gate”: Julian Assange Was Framed by the People Who Supported Him Michel Chossudovsky, 27 June 2024;

Holding the Assange Court Case in a Remote “Territorial Court” in the Northern Mariana Islands. Why?

‘The Criminalization of Justice? Threat to the First Amendment

What is the End-Game of Assange’s “guilty plea” to be decided upon at the hearings of the “Territorial Court’ of the Northern Mariana Islands?

Assange had agreed to plead guilty to “one felony for conspiring to unlawfully obtain and disseminate classified information related to U.S. national defence”, as outlined in a DOJ Letter together with other documents (filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory in the Pacific)

Below is the letter of the US Department of Justice (National Security Division) addressed to Hon. Judge Ramona N. Manglosa

This letter dated June 24, 2024 (FILED on the District Court on June 25, 2024) reads as an Instruction to the Judge prior to the actual Court Procedure on June 26, 2024.

The Court hearings were pre-determined by the US Department of Justice (DOD) Instructions contained in the Letter.

American Jurisprudence requires a Court Judge who is independent and cannot under any circ*mstances be receiving instructions from the DoD prosecutors.

The DoD Letter Overrides the Responsibility of the District Court Judge. It scraps the fundamental premise of Judicial Independence. Moreover, the Judge is NOT ALLOWED to make a statement or judgement in Support of Free Speech.

It’s the criminalization of Justice.

See here for supporting legal documents (Document 1 Pages 1-4)’

Watch; Stella Assange will seek a pardon for WikiLeaks founder Reuters, 25 Jun 2024;

Stella Assange told Reuters they would seek a pardon after Julian pleaded guilty to violating US espionage law, saying the prosecution was a ‘very serious concern’ for journalists around the world’.

Read; The Happiest of Days Craig Murray, 25 June 2024;

‘I should be plain, I have always advised Julian and Stella to take a plea deal if offered and get out of jail. I have no doubt this was a life or death choice. I also believe we will be grateful for the still greater contributions Julian’s immense intellect and capacity for radical thought will make to human development in the future.

The Justice Department were further motivated to offer a deal by the fact that they appeared to have painted themselves into a very difficult corner at the next UK extradition hearing in a fortnight, over Julian’s ability as a foreign national acting outside the US to claim constitutional protections, and could have lost the extradition case altogether.‘

Emotional pictures of Julian’s arrival in Australia uniting with his beloved wife, Stella and his Dad, John.

Watch; Julian Assange reunites with wife, family in Australia after being freed Global News, 27th June 2024;

Though elated about Julian’s release, our work protecting opinions that do not conform with the globalist narrative that are labelled as ‘Hate Speech’ are increasingly censored. This echoes how the anti-genocide marches are being labelled ‘hate marches’ by the zionist lobby pulling strings of the UK government and opposition, and want them banned. Thankfully the police do not agree.

Read; U.N. has ‘plan of action’ to curtail free speech in every nation of the world Leo Hohmann, 23 June 2024;

‘Don’t look now but your First Amendment rights are up for negotiation at the United Nations, just as they are at the World Economic Forum and other globalist organisations that are aligned with the burgeoning one-world system.

On June 18, in recognition of International Day for Countering Hate Speech – yes, they actually have a day for that – the United Nations Secretary-General called for the eradication of “hate speech” around the world.

While that may sound nice in today’s world, where it tickles the ears of the naive Western liberals, keep in mind that “hate speech” is in the eye of the beholder.

This U.N. statement should be seen as a harbinger, a clear signal, that the U.N. and its many globalist allies are getting ready to clamp down even harder on what we the people are allowed to say or write online. The intent of the globalists is to criminalise all speech with which they disagree.

In a prepared speech published on June 17, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had a lot to say about why the nations of the world need to regulate speech even more tightly than they already do. He said: “Hate speech is a marker of discrimination, abuse, violence, conflict and even crimes against humanity. We have seen this play out from Nazi Germany to Rwanda, Bosnia and beyond. There is no acceptable level of hate speech; we must all work to eradicate it completely.”

He added that: “Hate speech today targets a broad range of groups, often based on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, belief or political affiliation. Recent months have seen an upsurge in both antisemitic and anti-Muslim hate speech online and in public comments by influential leaders. Hate speech may be used against women, refugees, migrants, gender-diverse and trans people, and minorities. It is massively amplified by the power of digital platforms and tools that enable it to spread across borders and cultures.”

And here’s the kicker. He noted:

“States have an obligation under international law to prevent and combat incitement to hatred and to promote diversity, mutual understanding and solidarity. They must step up and implement these commitments, while ensuring that the measures they take preserve freedom of speech and protect minorities and other communities.”

From the text of these comments it’s clear that in the eyes of the globalists, they are very concerned about protecting the ever-so-sensitive feelings of sexual minorities, illegal aliens and other minorities.

However,, if you are not included among one or more of the globalists’ most-favored groups singled out for special rights and privileges, you have no rights, certainly no right to free speech or freedom of the press. If you have an opinion, you’d better keep it to yourself or you could face a fine or even imprisonment.’

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is an extreme zionist lobby group. Here a member of the Republican Party, Thomas Massie talks about how a foreign country, Israel, influences US politicians.

Watch: Don’t let’s underplay the Israeli lobby in shaping our minds Instagram 8th June 2024;

‘Rep. Massie just explained to Tucker Carlson that every Republican in Congress (and probably most of the Democrats, too) has an AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) person.

Rep. Massie; Everybody but me has an AIPAC person.

Carlson; What does that mean, an AIPAC person?

Rep. Massie; It’s like your babysitter, your AIPAC babysitter who is always talking to you for AIPAC. They’re probably a constituent in your district but they are firmly embedded in AIPAC.

Carlson; And every member has something like this?

Rep. Massie; That’s how it works on the Republican side. And when they come to DC you go have lunch with them and they’ve got your cell number and you have conversations with them.

Carlson; That’s absolutely crazy.

Rep. Massie; I’ve had four members of Congress say; ‘I’ll talk to my AIPAC person’ and it’s literally what we call them, ‘my AIPAC guy’. ‘I’ll talk to my APEC guy’, see if I can get them to dial those ads back.

Carlson; Why have I never heard this before?

Rep. Massie; Why would they want to tell their constituents that they’ve basically got a buddy system with somebody who’s representing a foreign country? It doesn’t benefit the Congressman for people to know that. So they’re not going to tell you that.’

Below describes a form of doublespeak; I totally identify with this analysis where words I have used to mean something have been changed to mean something totally different.

Watch: The Radical Organic Tradition Paul Cudenec at Common Knowledge Edinburgh, 3rd June 2024;

‘Paul Cudenec is an acclaimed journalist, essayist, and novelist, renowned for his incisive exploration of anarchism, nature, freedom, and metaphysics. Paul, who runs the influential Winter Oak ( website, has authored notable works such as The Withway, Enemies of the Modern World, Fascism Rebranded, and The Great Racket.‘

“And so what it (Radical Organic Tradition) is, is a way of thinking that is not visible to us in today’s society and has been made invisible. I would say it’s a philosophy of the world that is counter to the prevailing scientific, centralised, corporate worldview. And that therefore is not recognised by that corporate world. Any little part of it that bubbles up from time to time is quickly pushed back down again and described as being all reactionary or disinformation, or dangerous, or far right or extreme left, or anti semitic or whatever the insult of the day is.

But although the label I made up is not a traditional label, the actual content of this philosophy is very traditional, because in my mind, it’s the sort of lost human wisdom. It’s the shared human wisdom that we’ve had for hundreds and thousands of years that should have been fueling our current way of seeing things. But thanks to interference from various authorities and controlling forces that want us to think in such a way as we go along with their vile system, this alternative understanding and knowledge has been lost to sight. In fact, I see it as being in a sort of another dimension.There’s everything that we think now, all the political opinions we think we can have – there’s a sort of range of things we can have from far left to far right and all these categories that you can place yourself in politically and philosophically. But all that is just a screen to hide us from this ancient wisdom, this alternative wisdom. I think in order to get through to the other side of this screen, you have to have seen through the deceit and the lies. It’s a philosophy that fits in very well with what people have been undergoing over the last few years, especially since COVID. There’s been this process a lot of people have had of saying suddenly that everything they thought was true isn’t true, and that all of that was just propaganda and a spectacle, and of passing through this barrier into another place where suddenly everything looks completely different. And you can pass through this invisible barrier of deceit from a number of different directions for a number of different starting points.

So if you’re an environmentalist, for example, and your belief is that you love nature, you hate to see nature being destroyed, you hate to see the effects of development and industry and pollution, chemicals and everything that’s happening, phone masks going up everywhere. You just want things to be how they should be in the natural world. And so you’ve always given yourself the label of environmentalists. Maybe you’ve joined some environmental organisation or other, and suddenly you realise, hang on, they’re not actually standing up for nature anymore. They’re not actually talking about nature anymore.

They’re just talking about technology and renewable energy and wind farms and solar panels and climate. They’re not even talking about air pollution or river pollution or the pollution of the sea with plastics or anything. No, they’re only talking about the climate and the fact that this is an emergency, which is going to necessitate huge amounts of government money across the world being pushed into certain private pockets that turn out to be the same private pockets that are funding the so called environmentalist movement. If you realise all this as an environmentalist, you then step through this invisible barrier and you find yourself saying, oh, I’ve still got my beliefs, my original beliefs of being an environmentalist in the real sense. But now I see all this had been constructed to push my environmentalism into certain other purposes.

Same would be true if you started off from a general left wing position. You believe, in fairness, that rich people shouldn’t own everything that ordinary people should have as much rights and everything shouldn’t be run for private profit. And then you realise that a lot of the left isn’t talking about that anymore. They’re just obsessed with identity politics, with transgenders and all the woke talking points. And if you then start to wonder what lies behind this and why the left has turned from being something in opposition to the system into being something which seems to be at the forefront of pushing its agenda, which again, we saw in Covid. The left wing activists, including anarchists, in fact, were actually going out and countering freedom protests and having banners calling for people to be vaccinated.

They’ve just been turned into the sort of political enforcement wing of Big Pharma. So if you’re a leftist and you suddenly realise all this again, you’re going to step through this barrier and you’re going to suddenly say, oh, things look very different from here. All that was false. All those political parties had been captured, all those movements (have been captured). I was just being used, my ideals were being used to push somebody else’s agenda.”

The UK is undoubtedly a vassal of the USA and Keir Starmer is their new stooge on the block.

Watch; EXPOSED: Israel and the American Empire Matt Kennard, Lowkey, Huda Ammori & Ahmed Alnaouq, Palestine Deep Dive, 18th June 2024;

23:50; Matt Kennard; “I actually think the US has even more of a stranglehold over this country and since 1945 . . . Conservatives have always supported in Atlanticists, but in terms of Labour, which is the main focus of the CIA’s efforts, over the years, there’s only been two non-Atlanticists, which means two non-pro-American imperial project leaders of the Labour party since the second World War, and that’s Michael Foote from 1980 to 83, Jeremy Corbyn from 2015 to 2020. And that I realised when I started doing the work I did for Declassified, that is not a coincidence. The US has been interfering in our political system in nefarious and covert ways, for decades and decades.

And, in fact, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, was then Secretary of State in 2019, but he was formerly the head of the CIA from 2017 to 18, under Trump. He came to London and was recorded, saying privately, ‘it might be the case that Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister’ – this is six months before the election – ‘you should know’, he told the audience, ‘we won’t let that happen and we’ll be working to stop it happening’. We don’t know what that activity was, but it goes to show that the US is working all the time to stop liberation in our country and stop us having a leader that represents a sovereign country.

And the other thing is, we have 12,000 American troops in this country; over 12,000, across eleven RAF bases that aren’t RAF bases, they are USAF bases. We are not allowed to know what happens on them. The NSA, one of the chief US intelligence agencies, runs GCHQ’s . . . site in Cornwall called GCHQ Bude. So it’s just impossible, structurally, for us to elect a leader that actually represents us in terms of foreign policy, represents peace, justice, because the US has a stranglehold on our political system. And again; completely silent; completely secret.”

We need to stop the UK’s businesses being increasingly owned and controlled by the US.

Watch: Here’s How America Really Runs Britain Aaron Bastani meets Angus Hanton, Novara Media, 9th June 2024;

‘The United States’ impact on British culture and foreign policy is obvious. But its influence on our domestic politics, business, and daily lives warrants closer examination. To discuss this, Aaron is joined by Angus Hanton, author of ‘Vassal State: How America Runs Britain’.

Weird thinking going on in government when it comes to our relations with the US. And one of the things is we say we wouldn’t allow, I don’t know, say the telegraph to be taken over by a foreign owner. But it depends what you mean by foreign. If it’s from the Middle East. No, definitely not.

If it’s from America. Well, maybe they’re not so foreign after all. But for me, foreign is foreign and the British ought to and should be able to control their own destiny and their own assets.

Well, I mean, Rupert Murdoch at News International, he is a US citizen.

He is.

And he’s effectively sold Sky TV. So that’s now American again, many people think of it. What we find is that when corporations are taken over by Americans, they often don’t rebrand as American. They allow people, consciously, they allow people to carry on thinking of them as British organisations. So Boots, the chemist, still uses all the reference to Nottingham and 19th century, but I mean, Boots is owned by Walgreens in America.

The same goes for recent takeovers. When Hotel Chocolat was taken over by Mars Corporation a few months ago, they carried on referring it to a British chocolate maker. So they’re quite sensible in keeping the local branding. And the result is that many ordinary people and indeed many people in the policy community don’t realize just how many of our companies, of the companies with which they trade are us owned. I mean, it goes down to everything in coffee shops.

People think Costa is owned by Whitbread. Well, it was, but now it’s owned by Coca Cola and Caffe Nero as well. Caffeinero is owned by an American who lives in London, an American individual.


And Starbucks, obviously, Starbucks is obviously from Seattle. A lot of coffee sold by McDonald’s. So, yeah, pretty well. The coffee markets, the retail coffee markets, sewn up, high margin market and one that where it’s increasingly hard for people to compete.

Do your patriotic duty.

Go to Weatherspoons. I wouldn’t say that it’s illy, it’s not bad coffee, but four people have a go at me. I’m not suggesting that for a moment.

But that does hit on an interesting problem. If you’re unhappy about so much being owned by the Americans, is the right thing to do, to start acting in a sort of hair shirted way and say, I’m not going to order any from Amazon, I’m not going to go to Starbucks.

It seems to me that that is not a formula that works in terms of the long term. It’s policy change. We need, we need the government to have a Buy British policy, Americans have a Buy American policy, and most Europeans have a Buy Local policy, but British don’t.

The thing you said about Boots as well is fascinating. I mean, we made a TikTok about the history of Boots

24:15; Aaron Bastani; “that story of the Boots firm and what it became really shows you an extraordinary trajectory for British capitalism over the last 100 years.

People don’t know this, but I think, is it Nottingham University? A lot of their estates were given, some bequeathed them by Florence Boot, and at one point, it was the most popular working-class library in the country. Boots and what it’s become instead, is effectively a tax-dodging, exploitative company which rips off the NHS through prescriptions and whatnot. And it’s effectively a means of sending large amounts of money from this country to the United States. And that shows you how much has changed.”

29:55; Angus Hanton; “One of the reasons these takeovers are so attractive to the US multinationals and indeed other multinationals, is because they can, to some extent, to a large extent, eliminate tax. And that makes a company more attractive. And there are so many legitimate legal ways they can do that. But particularly it’s around what’s called transfer pricing, so that you put your trademarks in an offshore location, such as Cayman Islands, and then your local UK subsidiary, for the use of these trademarks, pays large sums to the tax haven and it reduces the local taxes, local profits and almost sometimes eliminates the local tax, while the real profit is taken into the tax haven where it’s tax free. So this is something we could do something about, but it’s actually quite difficult for the British, in some ways, to do, to act on it, because, of the ten major tax havens, the British control eight. So we would have to be quite radical. And there has been talk about it by chancellors, but it’s only been talk.”

39:50; Angus Hanton; “It’s not as if some people say, oh, well, this is happening all over the world, but, I mean, we represent a third of American foreign investments. We’ve been taken over to an extent that France and Germany haven’t, and yet they are still under the NATO umbrella. So it’s not like we have to sell all our businesses in order to have a mutual pact for military protection. They’re different things.

We don’t have to allow everything to be taken over. I mean, what the French did famously when Pepsi Cola wanted to take over their big milk and yogurt company, Danone, is, they labelled it as a strategic asset. And they said, our strategic assets are protected from takeover. Back off.

And now Danone is still French owned. And in a way, it was a strategic asset because one of its roles was to support local communities, to buy milk from small farmers, and to support yogurt makers locally. And so, yes, it’s industrial, but the French recognize the importance of keeping it within their control. But it’s not just a matter of pride, but it’s much more than that. It’s about where the profits go and it’s about who regulates the companies. So the danger, once you’ve got a business that’s owned in, in America, is an anonymous head office there across the Atlantic, on another continent, can be making big decisions about layoffs and priorities and regulation – whether, even, they want that branch of the company to exist.”

By the way, YouTube did not allow the Covid section to be included in this enlightening video.

Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires, and the Truth About WWII, Brexit, & COVID; Tucker Carlson; 20 June 2024;

1:35:04; Neil Oliver; I think at some point, at some point, again in the same time frame, you’re talking about the Second World War, thereafter, I think the world fell finally into the grip of the banks. It fell finally into the grip of those unelected, unaccountable, for-profit groups for whom everything was only about money; money and power. And, for them, they became ‘anywheres’ at that point. They didn’t care about Britain, didn’t care about America. They just cared about money. I think that has been, I think, lost in that slow motion consequence of the 20th century – or the first half of the 20th century. That all of what had been before; that kind of love of country; that kind of patriotism; that kind of identity; I think that was unmoored, unhitched, at that point. And something very large and slow moving just began to drift like a great liner. You know, was no longer on its safe anchorage. And it’s only now that without kind of 20/20 vision of hindsight, that we’re able to look back and see that that happened.”

Tucker Carlson: “When was the last time Britain had a leader who believed the country was more important than the banks?”

Neil Oliver; “Well, you probably have to go back to pre-1694 and the establishment of the Bank of England. I mean that’s when the Bank of England was set up and that became the model for the fed (the US Federal Reserve) in1913. And you know, the creature of Jekyll Island and . . . But where do you start? You know, the City of London was established at the time of William the Conqueror, and there’s a state within a state, that’s like the Vatican. It’s a separate entity. You know, people don’t fully appreciate the extent to which the City of London is not Britain. It’s separate, it’s a separate single – it’s got it’s own police force. The monarch has to seek permission to enter the City of London. There’s a nominated person in parliament . . . most people don’t notice, who’s there all the time to make sure that the unique rights of the City of London are maintained and not compromised by any subsequent legislation. So there’s there’s been a long period of that. So, to get back to a time before the banks of thrall, before the banks were given, the Bank of England was given that magical power to create fiat money. That’s when . . . all the trouble started.”

We are witnessing an increasingly dystopian world promoted and enforced by the establishment. Now it’s time to recognise and resist its creeping tentacles taking over every aspect of our lives.

Watch; Humanity Is Transcending The New World Order: Must Watch Alex Jones & Neil Oliver Interview The Alex Jones Show Infowars, 26 June 2024;

Neil Oliver; “‘I think we have evolved. We have created an ecosystem by which I mean we have to take responsibility ourselves. You know, baddies do what baddies do, but we have at least stood by. Most of us have. I certainly have.

While an ecosystem has developed that has allowed to thrive a psychopathic, parasitic, frightened, greedy entity, we have evolved an ecosystem that suits the psychopathic mindset.

And they will do what they will do. But I think the Internet, the work of people, personalities, particularly someone like you. I mean, I doff my metaphorical to you, Alex Jones, because I have, as I’ve been confessing to people for a while now, I only woke up to all of this in the last three or four years. I was shamefully oblivious for the longest time, you know, until I was about 53 years of age. I just wasn’t paying attention.

And I made no bones about it, and I trusted. I trusted the establishment. Broadly speaking, I wasn’t really paying attention. You asked me the question, what was it that did it for me? And it was Covid.

But it wasn’t the start of when we started watching the footage coming in from China that was being pushed out as the propaganda, the footage that was coming out of Italy, which was what we started to see, first of all, in the United Kingdom. Like millions of other people, I looked on at it as a father of three. My wife and I, we looked on at it and thought, oh, my God, what is this? And we thought, if the government are telling us that it’s terribly dangerous, then it must be. And we went along with it.

We trusted. We trusted what we were being told. But it was a gradual process for us. In many ways, it was simple things. We realized that we didn’t know.

Weeks began to pass, and contrary to our expectations, courtesy of the propaganda, we didn’t know anyone that had died of COVID I still, four years in, don’t know a single person who has died of COVID I don’t really think I know anyone who knows anyone who died of COVID I do know plenty of people subsequent to what happened in 2021 with the rollout of the products that were marketed as vaccines that were really gene therapies. I’ve seen the heart attacks. I’ve seen the strokes. I’ve seen the accelerating neurological damage and all of the rest of it. But I didn’t see anyone dying of COVID Then when the nonsense started with the things like mandated masks where you had to wear a mask to go into a shop, you had to wear a mask to get on a plane, then when they started to say, when the gene therapies were brought out at first and they were mislabeled as vaccines, safe and effective.

Lie after lie to begin with, my wife and I, we thought, you know, that’s very quick to bring forward something like that. Let’s just not bother just now. It’s voluntary, so let’s just leave it. Then it became increasingly coercive. People were being told it’s, you know, take the job or lose your job.

You know, take the job or you can’t get. You can’t have your social life. Take the job or you. You can’t get on a plane and you can’t move. And as that began to evolve more and more quickly, my wife and I thought, really, for the first time in our lives, the establishment’s out to get us.

This is malevolent. This is malicious. There’s something seriously wrong here. And we were starting to feel that somewhere during 2020, for the first time in our lives, and what has happened through people like you, you’ve been at this for decades. You’ve been at this for a long time, exploiting, in a good way the technology to reach so many people.

And what has happened is that so many of us, and it was crystallised, and it was brought to bear during COVID because people were locked down. They sent everybody home. They sent people into their houses for 23 hours a day and said, just be in your houses. And so what did people do? They went online for want of something else to do.

They went looking for information, and the information is there. Trillions of pages of data are available to us. And really for the first time, while on the one hand, the technology is there to enable, for the first time on planet Earth, global surveillance and global control, which is true, and that’s the threat we face. But we can also use their weapon against them. And by God, those people have realized that they have created something that is being used against them every bit as effectively as they are using it, against the people that they want to control.

I think against the expectations of those that have applied those pressures and used those tools, quite the opposite of what they intended has started to happen. And in the face of it, people are once again beginning to realize that they value family, that they want to have a partner, that they love, that they want to raise children. So many people are rediscovering faith, or if not faith, so to speak, then at least an awareness of the transcendent, you know, that they’re realizing that there’s more to life than the material, that there’s more to life than, you know, capitalism or any other political ideology that might be being forced upon us. So what I’m saying is that the pressure that’s been brought to bear upon us as a species and also upon us as individuals has done what pressure exerted from all directions inevitably does, let’s say, in relation to carbon, and that it produces diamonds. Those bright, precious stones are created by pressure over time.

And that’s what’s happening. And so I think, people, there is a renaissance happening. I said earlier that I’m not particularly predisposed towards the notion of violent revolution, because I think violent revolution is just a tool of the elite taking advantage of people, exploiting them all, and then casting them aside. What is much more required is a reawakening, which we’re all talking about, or an awakening for the first time, a renaissance and a renewal. And I do genuinely think that these are.

That is part of what we are seeing happen around us.

While other networks lie to you about what’s happening now, Infowars tells you the truth about what’s happening next.’

Watch; On Intelligence Services, Corporate Media & Propaganda; Ash Sarkar meets Matt Kennard; June 30th

Matt Kennard; “Understand that they’re part of a propaganda. While journalists don’t understand that they’re part of a propaganda system because they’re like; ‘I can write what I want’. And then I would say to them, ‘you can write what you want because they like what you write’. That’s the point. And you don’t write stuff that actually exposes the system, even though it’s sitting there in plain sight.”

The gruesome debacle plays out again and again, media and government lie us into the never ending war, and we are powerless to stop it. Even when nearly 70% opposed the Iraq war, warlord Blair blundered on, causing millions of deaths and chaos around the world. Julian was a lone voice calling for peace, he had to be silenced by 14 years in arbitrary detention and slandered by a smear campaign led by the Guardian who turned against him after having headlined WikiLeaks stories every day for 6 weeks. Anyone who stands against the war machine can expect persecution like Jeremy Corbyn, or to die like David Kelly with his wrists cut and his autopsy kept secret for 70 years.

Watch; “Nearly every war that has started in the last 50 years has been a result of media lies…population don’t like wars & population have to be fooled into wars; X, 20 Feb 2022;

Julian Assange; ‘One of the hopeful things that I’ve discovered is that nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lives’. The media could have stopped it if they had searched deep enough. If they hadn’t reprinted government propaganda, they could have stopped it. But what does that mean?

Well, that means basically, populations don’t like wars, and populations have to be fooled into wars. Populations don’t willingly and with open eyes go into a war. So if we have a good media environment, then we’ll also have a peaceful environment. But our number one enemy is ignorance, and I believe that is the number one enemy of everything, is not understanding what is actually going on in the world. It’s only when you start to understand that you can make effective decisions and effective plans. Now the question is, who is promoting ignorance?

Well, those organisations to try to keep things secret, and those organisations which distort true information to make it false, misrepresentative. In this latter category, it is bad media.

It really is my opinion that the media in general are so bad, we have to question whether the world wouldn’t be better off without them altogether. There’s some very, very fine journalists, and we work with many of them, some fine media organisations, but the vast majority of, and are so distortive to how the world actually is that the result is what we see.’

Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic Treaty

Beware parents – An undercover journalist records an EPA official saying that giving the Covid vaccine to toddlers doesn’t have sufficient testing because it is under Covid emergency use! This must go viral.

Watch; Secret filming of Christopher Cole, Executive officer EPA of Countermeasures Initiative; Jun 11, 2024

Christopher Cole; “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible. So you have to get an annual shot. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet cos they don’t want to rile everyone up.”

“The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies, they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products. If they can get every person require an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

Journalist; “So how do you know it’s already getting approved?”

Christopher Cole; “Well, they’re not going to. I mean, just from everything I’ve heard, they’re not going to not approve it.”

Presenter; “Meet Christopher Cole, an executive officer at the FDA with over 20 years experience, who claims to be directly involved in the approval process of the various Covid vaccines.”

Christopher Cole; “I think what’s going to happen is it’s going to be a gradual thing. School’s going to mandate it.”

Journalist; “Why do they need the third one?”

Christopher Cole; “For the same reason you or I would need the third one. So the three will bolster your system and then there will be an annual. Eventually an annual, just like the flu shot.”

Journalist; “for the toddlers?”

Christopher Cole; “Well, for everyone.”

Journalist; “Okay, so the toddlers too?”

Christopher Cole; “probably. Okay. I don’t completely agree with the the process.”

Journalist; “What do you mean you don’t agree with the process?”

Christopher Cole; “Well, I mean, they don’t have all the.. ..all the tests aren’t there. So I agree with the thing that it is important to inoculate them, but you can’t provide the parent as much surety as you’d normally want to. It’s an array for all age groups, all designations, and then you have to get approved by specific age groups based on the study.”

Journalist; Do you think it’s really an emergency for the toddlers?

Christopher Cole; Well, they’re all improved under an emergency. The efficacy data doesn’t have to be as high. The standard is on ‘emergency use authorizations’ is that it does more benefit than harm.

Journalist; I thought their cases weren’t that high for six month to four year olds.

Christopher Cole; They’re not, but because it’s related to Covid, it’s under that approval process.

We need more litigation against Governments, Big Pharma and those that carried out the murderous COVID vaccine orders, please;

Watch; Kansas sues Pfizer alleging it ‘misled’ the public about safety of COVID vaccine; Fox Business; 18 Jun 2024

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says Pfizer ‘violated’ the Consumer Protection Act on ‘The Bottom Line.’

A practising medical doctor, US Congressman Dr Rich McCormick, accosts Anthony Fauci.

Watch; Brilliant Doctor CONFRONT Fauci on “making life difficult for unvaccinated” Dr. Suneel Dhand, 4th June 2024;

4:49; Dr McCormick; “You(Dr Fauci NIH (National Institutes of Health) affected people’s ability to work, travel, be educated, to actually flourish in American society, to self determine as we’re all given God given rights. Shame on you, Doctor Fauci. You’ve become doctor of fear. Americans do not hate science. I don’t hate science. The American people hate having their freedoms taken from them. You inspired and created fear through mass mandates, school closures, vaccine mandates that have destroyed the American people’s trust in our public health institutions. This fear you created will continue to have ripple effects over generations to come. You have already seen its effects in education, in the economy, and everything else, quite frankly. You said if you disagree with me, you disagree with science. Doctor Fauci, I disagree with you because I disagree with fear.”

This courageous doctor will have sacrificed his job for calling out the lies.

Watch; Excellent advice from Swiss Dr Thomas Binder Posted on X by Dr Tess Lawrie, 21st June 2024;

“Dear fellow humans, my name is Thomas Binder. I studied medicine in Zurich, obtained a doctorate in immunology and virology, specialised in internal medicine and cardiology and 35 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections in hospitals, in intensive care units and in my private practice. While there has never been a pandemic of a killer virus, there was a pandemic of cowards.

And do we doctors see a pandemic of severe illnesses and of sudden, unexpected deaths from heart attack, myocarditis, aortic dissection, stroke and pulmonary embolism, thrombosis in the inflammation of other organs, especially of brain and spinal cord, disseminated intravascular coagulation? Increased infections, including Covid, due to immunosuppression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, miscarriage and many more? This modified RNA genocide is the greatest medical crime in human history. A humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is working on transferring all vaccinations to the modified RNA vaccine platform. It is doing so though, just being able to count and to distinguish for and from self. Even having a trace of intelligence is enough to realise that the modified RNA vaccine platform is totally nonsensical and life threatening.

Its two fundamental flaws are the injection of the construction plan for a protein foreign to the body, without having any control over which body cells will produce it, in what dose and for how long, and the fact that the cells who are coerced to produce this foreign protein and then presented on the surface will be mistakenly recognised by our immune system as foreign, thus destroyed. Much like the rejection of a foreign organ transplanted into you, the alleged modified RNA vaccination coerces your body to produce a toxin in unknown dose and for an unknown period of time, and literally transforms parts of you into an alien. Therefore, the entire modified RNA vaccine platform must be banned immediately.

The government is currently negotiating a pandemic treaty with the WHO. If it signs it, the WHO will be placed above the constitution of your country and not only you, but also your government and your parliament will lose all freedom of choice. Who controls the WHO, controls the world. The only reasonable, 100% effective and safe prevention of another criminal pandemic is the immediate smashing of the WHO into a thousand pieces.

Dear fellow humans, if you have been injected once or even several times, and perhaps even suffer from severe side effects of the modified rna injections, do not despair. More and more responsible doctors are willing to help you. And more and more responsible scientists are researching for one day being able to treat even their most complex side effects. I think with the modified RNA injections, it is like with smoking, it is almost never too late to give it up and to live healthier whether you were injected or not.

Wake up. Give your spine a booster, stand up and tell the manufacturers, your alleged experts, your government, your parliamentarians, your generals and your authorities, who have, from the point of view of the populace, totally failed in the COVID scandal.

Enough is enough. Step back at last and then stand in courts. Do this and do this, if not for yourself, then for a future worth living for your children and grandchildren. Now.”

Covid ‘vaccines’ are “weapons of mass destruction.”

Watch: COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell Vigilant News Network, Rumble, 17th June 2024;

‘Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla.Stat. (2023).”

Dr Francis Boyle, the architect of the US 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act is calling Covid vaccines “weapons of mass destruction.”

Watch; COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell The Vigilant Fox ????10 June 2024;

‘First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all.

Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act, is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.”

Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla.Stat. (2023).”

It seems that the dam is truly breaking as this is a powerful statement from somebody with the authority to say it.

Watch the full breakdown of this stunning story.’

If the NIH recently officially admitted taxpayers funded gain of function, how come it isn’t immediately stopped – because the military industrial complex wants bioweapon viruses, Big Pharma wants sales of their vaccines so they can choose who lives post they spread the virus, and so called democratic governments want money to manufacture consent for their reelection. We have to drain the swamp of these corporate stooges NOW.

Watch; Rand Paul: Fauci threw his assistant under the bus; Fox News; 4 Jun 2024;

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., discusses Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony on the origins of COVID-19 on ‘Hannity.’

Hannity. “Well, let me ask you this. The NIH recently officially admitted, finally admitted taxpayers funded gain of function. Okay Now we’re learning that NIH scientists receive $710 million in royalties from drug makers of the Covid-19 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s just breaking, Senator. What should the American people know about that?”

Sen. Rand Paul; “I think when you have a drug company that makes a vaccine like Moderna, and I know at least one payment of $450 million and sharing the proceeds of the vaccine, you have to wonder how anybody at the NIH could be objective. So if Moderna has a new drug, how can they be objective when they’ve just received $450 million from the company? So it really is a situation. It’s a revolving door between Big Pharma and the government. Somebody’s got to put an end to it. And I hope the next president will.”

Hannity; “Deception: the great Covid cover up. You’re way ahead of the curve, Senator.

I wish more people had listened to you about this. The origins of COVID NIH spending, also something called natural immunity. Nobody wanted to listen to you, but you were right, senator. Thank you.”

It’s like a hideous repetitive nightmare. More gain-of-function research is revealed as an existential threat. And the name of Gates comes up again!

Watch; Gates foundation funding of an existential threat; Dr. John Campbell, 20th June 2024;

50 secs; Dr Campbell; “This is from the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearings a couple of days ago with the American Senate. And this is from the opening statement by Stephen Quay, who’s a MD PhD expert to the committee. It’s all there. Check it out for yourself.

I went through the whole thing here and he says, “Finally, I conclude, what I call ‘gain of opportunity’ research needs a new oversight effort.” I’ve gone through this in detail. I am going to give it to you, but I want to give you this first because I think it’s really important.

Now, he’s talking about going into caves where humans are seldom found. Places like, Northern Laos, Southern China, Northern Thailand where this sort of research has been carried out, but other places as well. Taking bat faecal samples containing thousands of viruses. Now, I’m sure they contain thousands and millions of types of viruses, a huge number of viruses here. And this is what’s happening. Bringing those viruses back to a laboratory and culturing the specimens, growing them up.

What he says the problem is that normally, if you take a virus in the faecal sample in the floor of the cave, it’s living in what you might call an ecosystem. There’s other viruses, there’s bacterial infections, there’s sort of controls on it, that any particular dangerous virus might not proliferate very much. But if you take that virus and isolate it in the laboratory, you can grow as much of it as you want. It’s pretty well limitless.

If you want to grow tonnes and tonnes of the virus, then you could do, because its natural controls are taken away. It’s a bit like any other ecosystem, that the carnivores will keep the herbivores numbers down. So that’s what he seems to be saying here, where a virus that might be controlled in a diverse natural environment is now able to grow unrestricted, unrestricted growth in pure culture. So they can grow up any amount of these that they would choose to do, natural restraints gone, provides an immense increase in opportunity for potential pandemic risk.

So we’re talking about potential pandemic risk even without genetic engineering. So that’s just taking these viruses; messing around in caves where we shouldn’t be messing around, we should leave the bats to their own devices. Just culturing those is a pandemic risk without jiggery pokery and genetic engineering. That, sadly, is also being done.

Now, this is the goal of the Global Virome Project, a Gates Foundation funded Ecohealth Alliance effort. So this funding should be examined in my view, and the activities of Ecohealth Alliance should also be investigated. As I’ve said, the role of government is to protect you and me. If they don’t do this, I believe the governments are being negligent in their prime duty.

Their stated goal? This is this Virome project. According to Doctor Quay before the Senate hearing. Their stated goal? Collect the estimated half a million unknown viruses that are capable of infecting humans and bringing them to a laboratory near you.”

Gates again!

Read; Bill Gates funded bio-terrorist activities to develop a bird flu that could infect humans Rhoda Wilson the Expose, 19 June 2024;

The Gates Foundation gave US$9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka to modify H5N1 viruses to preferentially recognise human-type receptors and transmit efficiently in mammals.

“This indicates that the Gates Foundation funded bioterrorist-like activities involving H5N1, providing blueprints for other bad actors who may want to create a bioweapon,” Dr. Peter McCullough tweeted.

Big Pharma are already preparing their bird flu vaccines. But how will they persuade the public to take them?

Read: Media caught LYING about bird flu death Peter Emanuelsen, 8th June 2024;

‘The World Health Organization put out a press release saying that ”a confirmed fatal case of human infection with avian influenza” had been reported to them. The mainstream media widely reported the news from the WHO, saying that the man had died from a brand new strain of bird flu. As usual, the mainstream media were busy fear mongering about this. But it turns out that we were lied to – AGAIN.

Mexico’s health ministry have DENIED that the man died from bird flu, saying that the man died from chronic conditions and that he had conditions that led to the failure of several organs. Turns out that the man had been bedridden for weeks, had diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and kidney failure.’

It is no coincidence that Big Pharma are already making bird flu injections. Moderna are already in stage two clinical trials of their new bird flu mRNA injection.

Never trust the mainstream media.’

The authorities have already been caught lying about bird flu. Are they ‘winging it’ like they did with Covid?

Read; BIRD FLU Some authorities claim an outbreak will be 100 times worse than Covid. Should we be concerned? Christof Plothe DO, WCH Health & Science Lead, 17 May 2024;

‘You’ve got a dangerous vaccine for a non-threatening disease … It’s supposedly for a life-threatening illness. Of course, conjunctivitis is not life-threatening! The whole purpose of the bird flu scare is to make you think that pandemics are always lurking, they’re coming for you all the time, and you need [the health bureaucracy] to save you.’ Dr Meryl Nass, Internist and Epidemiologist.

‘Largest ever bird flu outbreak.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that, since January 2022, the largest outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) in recorded history has occurred worldwide (CDC, 2024). Referred to as H5N1, by 7 May 2024 what has been identified as a subtype of avian influenza had apparently been detected in over 9,000 wild birds and affected more than 90 million poultry in the United States alone. Bird flu outbreaks have affected regions such as Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific, and the Near East (CDC, 2024), wreaking havoc on the poultry industry, and impacting farmers’ livelihoods and international trade.

In 2022, an independent journalist reported that former CDC Director, Robert Redfield, had predicted that bird flu would jump to humans and prove highly lethal, triggering a ‘Great Pandemic’, which would make Covid-19 seem like a mere warm-up (Westbrook 2022). In 2005, then-President George Bush spent over $7 billion on preparations for bird flu, warning that it could kill more than two million Americans (Bush, 2005). Despite this, naturally occurring avian influenza (H5N1) has never posed a threat to humans.

Humans at low risk from H5N1

The CDC maintains that H5N1 poses a low risk to humans and that there is currently no known mechanism for human-to-human transmission. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), bird flu has been responsible for only 463 deaths worldwide over the past 20 years, but they do not mention if the deceased died from bird flu or with it.’

Yet another good journalist, Naomi Wolf has been accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ when using scientific reports, in this case, compiled by 3,250 highly credentialed doctors and scientists. This accusation came from our media regulator, Ofcom, to censor her work. This regulator needs regulating.

Watch/Read; Statement of Dr. Naomi Wolf to the Royal Courts of Justice 17th June 2024;

“I am here today because Ofcom, the media watchdog agency, concluded that my presentation of information from scientific reports about the Pfizer injection, on Mark Steyn’s TV show in October 2022, caused “harm.” Ofcom also referred to me in public documents as a “conspiracy theorist,” using that discrediting characterisation of my work, as part of its decision to penalise Steyn for airing the show in which I brought forth the evidence I did.

I wish to describe to the court please, the nature of the evidence I presented on GB News. I then wish to describe my credentials, and lastly, I wish to make some points about the history of censorship.

The material I described to Mark Steyn is not my work. I am a non-fiction writer and journalist. I am not a medical doctor or a scientist. The material I presented is from scientific reports compiled by 3,250 highly credentialed doctors and scientists, the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis research team (see addendum), that convened from 2021 to the present, to read through and issue reports based upon the 450,000 internal documents released under court order due to a successful lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration by US attorney Aaron Siri. These are internal Pfizer documents submitted to the FDA for the purpose of securing the Emergency Use Authorisation that allowed for the rollout in the US of an experimental injection that bypassed normal trials. They are primary internal documents produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, that date from November 2020 to February 2021 and that record the 43,000 plus adverse events and more than 1,220 deaths recorded by Pfizer in those three months.

The documents go into detail about serious side effects and explain their mechanisms; the Pfizer documents contain internal reports on stroke, liver damage, kidney damage, many forms of blood clotting and blood damage (including the thrombotic thrombocytopenia that recently triggered the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK in 2024; we broke that story in 2022); many neurological events including dementias, epilepsies and Guillain-Barre syndromes, and serious respiratory issues.

The documents include a section in which 80 per cent of the pregnant women lost their babies and another section in which two babies’ deaths in utero were due to “maternal exposure” to the vaccine, in Pfizer’s words. There is a great deal of information in the Pfizer documents, including charts, showing damage to women’s menstrual cycles, including serious damage such as haemorrhaging, passing tissue and bleeding every day. There is documentation of lipid nanoparticles (the fatty casing for the mRNA) accumulating in the ovaries of women — more with each injection. There is documentation of damage to babies from nursing from vaccinated mothers and of one baby who died of multi-organ system failure after ingesting a vaccinated mom’s breast milk. The Pfizer documents contain a warning to vaccinated men not to have intercourse with women of childbearing age. These are just some of the findings that our doctors and scientists summarised in their now 104 reports.

Ofcom seeks to portray this material as “harmful.” But can findings be “harmful” if they are true? I am a reporter and I base my opinion on facts….”

Read; Pfizer purchased companies that produce drugs to treat the same conditions caused by covid vaccines; BY RHODA WILSON; JULY 2, 2024

‘In 2017 a former vice president of Pfizer blew the whistle and said that pharmaceutical companies intentionally design vaccines to keep the public in a state of illness to profit from the treatments of vaccine-induced illnesses.

Pfizer’s acquisitions of other pharmaceutical companies since the rollout of its covid vaccine seem to indicate this is indeed the case.

In 2021, Pfizer’s acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals raised eyebrows. The purchase price seemed disproportionate to the market size of the drug they acquired – a drug that is a potential therapy for all kinds of immuno-inflammatory diseases, including inflammation of the heart. As we know, myocarditis began to skyrocket after the rollout of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines.

In 2023, Pfizer purchased Seagen Pharmaceuticals, known for its cancer drugs. Was this because of the connection between the mRNA injections and “turbo cancers”?

In 2022, Pfizer purchased Global Blood Therapeutics for its drug to treat sickle cell disease, again for an amount that seemed disproportionate to the profit the company could make off the drug considering how many people have the disease. Does Pfizer know something we don’t? Will we see a blood cell disease epidemic as well?’

On the 28th May 2024 QJM, an international journal of medicine, published an article “A potential association between COVID-19 vaccination and development of Alzheimer’s disease”. This goes a long way towards vindicating our concerns.

‘This study of 558,017 individual residents of Seoul, South Korea who were enrolled in the medical system compared the cognitive outcomes of Covid vaccinated individuals with unvaccinated individuals. The findings showed a significant surge in the incidence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (p<0.001) and more worryingly Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (p<0.026) in vaccinated individuals, particularly those receiving mRNA vaccines, within three months post-vaccination. The study concluded:

“Preliminary evidence suggests a potential link between COVID-19 vaccination, particularly mRNA vaccines, and increased incidences of AD and MCI. This underscores the need for further research to elucidate the relationship between vaccine-induced immune responses and neurodegenerative processes, advocating for continuous monitoring and investigation into the vaccines’ long-term neurological impacts.”

Russia/Ukraine & China Conflicts

Why endless war? Because the people who get to the top are only driven by money to increase their wealth and power by pillaging resources from other countries.

Watch; US senator says Ukraine is ‘gold mine’ with $12 trillion of minerals West ‘can’t afford to lose’; Geopolitical Economy Report; 12 Jun 2024;

‘Ukraine is a “gold mine” with $12 trillion worth of critical minerals, US Senator Lindsey Graham insisted in a TV interview. Ben Norton discusses how Western companies want these resources, and how Washington hopes to block China’s access to them to hurt its technology industries.’

Watch; Zelenskyy Sold Ukraine To US Corporate? Kennedy’s Nephew Adds To Russia Explosive Claim, World News, TIMES NOW, 18 Jan 2024;

Commentary; “Corruption, Scandal. Big business or Reform? War hit Ukraine up for sale.”

R F Kennedy Jr; “It’s a war that should have never happened. It’s a war the Russians tried repeatedly to settle on terms that were very, very beneficial to Ukraine and us.The major thing they wanted was for us to keep NATO out of the Ukraine.”

Commentary;” As Kiev sold Ukraine to Blackrock, big companies have their eyes set on Ukraine.”

R F Kennedy Jr; “The big military contractors want to add new countries to NATO all the time. Why? Because then that country has to conform its military purchases to NATO weapons specifications, which means certain companies, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing and Lockheed, get a trapped market.”

Commentary; “Nephew of 35th US President John F. Kennedy makes explosive claims. Is this US company trying to control Ukraine? US and corporates trying to cash in on a disaster?”

R F Kennedy Jr; “In March of 2022, we committed 113 billion dollars. Just to give you an example, we could have built a home for almost every homeless person in this country. We then committed another 24 billion since then two months ago. And now President Biden is asking for an another 60 billion. But the big, big expenses are going to come after the war.”

Commentary; Ukraine is already opening up for big investment, and hand rubbing has been happening over a potential business bonanza. War hit Ukraine might not look like a good financial investment with no end in sight. Kiev engaged BlackRock and JP Morgan in 2023 to help set up a fund to raise public capital that could attract private investment for Ukraine’s reconstruction. But has the Russia-Ukraine war created a massive profit opportunity for leading US companies? Has Kyiv fallen into the hands of BlackRock?”

R F Kennedy Jr; “When we have to rebuild all the things that we destroy? Mitch McConnell was asked, can we really afford to spend $113 billion to Ukraine? He said, ‘don’t worry. It’s not really going to Ukraine’, “It’s going to American defence manufacturers”. So he just admitted it’s a money laundering scheme. And who do you think owns every one of those companies? Blackrock.”

Commentary; “In 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Blackrock CEO Larry Fink agreed to work together on investments aimed at rebuilding the war torn country after Russia’s invasion. As per experts, when Vladimir Putin signalled Ukraine invasion, Kyiv went into an economic isolation. However, collaboration of Zelenskyy’s government with Blackrock began in September 2022. Seeing this as an opportunity amid the tragedy, 500 global businesses from 42 countries signed the Ukraine business compact to help realise its huge potential. Western governments and corporate leaders have made no secret of their enthusiasm to alter Ukraine’s political economy. So the whole Ukraine goes for sale, with massive profit opportunities being created by the war?”

R F Kennedy Jr; “So why do they call it a loan? Because if they call it a loan, they can impose loan conditions. And what are the loan conditions that we impose on? Number one, of extreme austerity programs. So if you’re poor in Ukraine, you’re going to be poor forever. Number two most important, Ukraine has to put all of its government owned assets up for sale to multinational corporations, including all of its agricultural land – the biggest single asset in Europe. In Ukraine, there’s been a thousand years of war fought over that land. It’s the richest farmland in the world. It’s the breadbasket of Europe. 500,000 Ukrainian kids have died to keep that land as part of Ukraine. They almost certainly didn’t know about this loan condition.”

Commentary; “Kennedy has been a frequent critic of America’s involvement in supporting Ukraine from Russia’s invasion, which he has repeatedly referred to as a proxy war. The agreement between Blackrock and Ukraine emerged days after Zelenskyy travelled to Washington for a meeting with President Biden. Ukraine’s economic toll remains unclear. After Russian President Vladimir Putin sent in his forces in February, Kennedy took direct aim at US foreign policy, calling the war in Ukraine a creation of a relentless mentality of foreign domination. As for many geopolitical and economic experts, this is a familiar story when it comes to crisis-riven nations that come to rely on the financial aid of Western governments and institutions, with some unsavoury strings attached.”

Dennis Kucinich is a former Congressman and two-time Democratic presidential candidate and is now running for Congress as an independent politician.

Read: D-Day 1944, E-Day 2024 and the Advancement of Global War Dennis Kucinich 7th June 2024;

‘The propaganda machine is hard at work in support of fueling the $$$ military industrial complex as Biden conflates Russia with Nazis. Russia lost 27 million people fighting against the Nazis!’

‘The Ukraine war is a wholly unnecessary conflict ignited by NATO expansionism and a $5.2 billion, US-led coup against a democratically elected government a decade ago. The conflict is now fueled by hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons and cash from NATO countries, spurred by the U.S. The slaughter continues because the American people are being lied to, daily.’

Despite the difference in opinion, its good to finally see that Piers Morgan has a polite, non interrupting, button, when he thinks he has met his match in the global respect status of his interviewee.

Watch: “This Is Gonna Get Us ALL Blown Up!” Jeffrey Sachs On Russian Invasion Piers Morgan Uncensored, 19th June 2024;

21:47; Piers Morgan; “I sit here in England and think it’s so weird to see such a learned American professor who seems to think that America is the real problem here, not Vladimir Putin and Russia, when many other people think the complete opposite.”

Jeffrey Sachs; “The problem is, I was born in 1954, and I’ve seen nothing but US wars of choice and CIA ops my whole life. And since I became an international development specialist more than 40 years ago, I’ve seen many of them up close, and I’m tired of them.

You know, a very good book written in 2017 by a professor at Boston College named Lindsey O’Rourke has the title Covert Regime Change. She studies; there’s no fewer than 64 covert regime change operations by the United States, almost all of them CIA led during the period 1947 to 1989.

I’ve had heads of state say to me personally, ‘They’re going to take me out’, was the term that one of them used. And I assured this president in . . Haiti – Haitian president – ‘No, no, no. We’re going to get all this sorted out.’

They walked this president – this was Aristide – out to an unmarked plane, flew him 23 hours in this coup that the US arranged to Central African Republic, and in broad daylight, launched a coup. And when I tried to get the New York Times to at least cover this story, I wanted to read about it. I was told by the reporter on the beat, ‘Oh, our editors aren’t interested in that.’ So you can have coups in broad daylight. I’ve seen the United States launch wars all over the world that Americans and others don’t even know were caused by the United States.”

‘The duplicity, the deceit, the mountain of lies that everything has rested upon. Why would the Russians trust us? Why would they believe anything we say?’ Douglas MacGregor

Watch; Douglas MacGregor Reveals: U.S. Missiles Strike Deep Inside Russia – NATO in Unprecedented Danger! Douglas MacGregor, 28 June 2024;

‘The British and the French, for reasons that make no sense to me, have now promised long range cruise missiles to Zelensky. These are missiles that will enable Zelensky and his cronies to strike targets in Russia, which is something we said we would not do. Now why is that important? I mean if nothing else came out of this meeting this would be critical. It’s important because Zelensky is desperate. This war has been lost, the Russians are sitting down there very comfortably waiting for the world to do something, and that’s a sore point inside Russia right now. People would like to get this war over with, and they say they’re willing to accept the casualties required to get the job done. Putin is still in the wait mode, he wanted to see what would happen in Vilnius, he has reservations, we can talk about that about what should happen next, but the bottom line is if you’re Zelensky and you’ve lost, that if the Russians push it you’ve got nothing to stop them and someone delivers cruise missiles to you what are you going to do with those cruise missiles? Well you’re going to launch them at whatever you can in Russia designed to provoke a response in the hopes that you can drag the United States especially, and the rest of NATO into a war with Russia.

I mean that’s a simple fact of the matter, now he was told, you’re not going to join NATO this year, but we’re going to reduce it to a one-step process and presumably whenever the war ends. Then everything changes and we’ll bring you in. Well that remains to be seen but the problem is that giving this man and his government those weapons is an invitation to disaster. Beyond that, you have the Poles and the Lithuanians who have been talking about a joint intervention into Western Ukraine. Their argument is we’ll go into Western Ukraine, we’ll establish some sort of buffer zone, we’re not afraid of the Russians. By the way, we don’t care whether or not NATO supports us. That’s that’s another red flag. First of all, anybody who is a member of NATO who sends forces into Western Ukraine is going to be regarded as part of NATO. Just because the Poles and Lithuanians say, ‘oh no this is just us’, it’s not going to rescue them, the Russians will destroy them, but it it could precipitate or trigger the massive offensive that has been held back by Putin, just as the cruise missiles could.

And then of course you have the last gasp on the part of Biden to try and expand this feeble and crumbling NATO alliance by bringing in Sweden, which makes no sense. If you’re a Swede, I haven’t figured out why they want to join the sinking ship, but that’s effectively what they’re doing, they’re stepping onto a ship, it’s sinking. NATO is the equivalent of the Titanic. It’s already hit an iceberg, the iceberg is called Ukraine, but we’re making every effort to keep up appearances. You keep up appearances by dragging in Sweden, so you turn around to Turkey, the the state that you said you would not give F-16s to, and suddenly you tell the Turks well you can have F-16s if you’ll support Sweden’s entry into the alliance. Well if you’re an Israeli right now you look at this delivery of more expensive technology into the hands of Mr Erdogan who is clearly not your friend and you wonder what this is going to lead to down the line.

We seem to be pulling out all the stops to try and rescue this thing. We can’t, there’s no easy solution, it’s effectively over in Ukraine. The question is, when we say ‘over’ what does ‘over’ mean? Does it mean a negotiated solution? We’ve said no. Does it mean war? We’ve said no., We really don’t want a war but we’re going to give these people cruise missiles that can strike Russia. First of all this is a shock but everybody needs to understand that Russia is not a maritime power. Russia’s only real requirement is to have a submarine force, and that submarine force, whether this admiral has figured it out or not, can sink most of the surface fleet sent against it. All right, we would not, in a war, be able to reinforce our ground forces on the ground in Europe because the submarines in the Atlantic would sink everything that tried to go between North America and Europe.

Remember the Germans did that, and for three years we fought a very tough battle in the Atlantic before we finally won free passage, and even then, till the very end of the war we were still dealing with a submarine menace. Submarines today are infinitely more lethal, more capable and more dangerous than anything that existed 80 years ago.There’s a statement that everyone should memorise, it comes out of the United States Navy, it’s said privately but it’s true; there are only two classes of ships, submarines and targets, so the good Admiral could watch all of his surface ships go under thanks to submarines or land based missiles. Secondly, Russia is a land power par excellence just as Germany used to be. You can’t defeat these people with air and naval power. Russia has enormous air defences and can have more, and we have not yet tested NATO aircraft against their air defences and one of the reasons we haven’t done it is that we’re very concerned that we’ll be shot down.

I just received a note from someone who recently returned from Russia and when you look at the disaster in Ukraine and the suffering and the misery there it’s unconscionable. This is our fault, it never needed to happen, go back and look at the things that Putin said over the last 20 years. He repeatedly made it very clear what they would not tolerate, what they would not accept. Ukraine never needed to join NATO, think of a better solution to US, NATO and Russian security than a neutral Ukraine. That puts 500-600 miles between NATO’s border and Russia.

I thought that was a positive thing from the standpoint of the military, and instead they want to drag it in for what reason? So that they can threaten, bully and potentially attack Russia. It’s insane, it needs to end now. How do we do it? I don’t think we can with the current government in Washington, the duplicity, the deceit, the mountain of lies that everything has rested upon. Why would the Russians trust us? Why would they believe anything we say? So you really need a house cleaning in Washington DC, you need to drain the swamp. Until you get rid of these people nothing will change, it will remain. So, the question is how much longer do people like Schultz, Macron and others stay in office in Europe? That’s the real question, because new faces in those countries with new governments are best positioned to approach Russia with an arrangement.

But of course the old Ukraine never made any sense, it consisted of all sorts of areas that were never historically Ukrainian. I mean how many times do we have to go over this? And it’s the same thing with populations, there weren’t even Ukrainians, in most cases, out in the East and in Crimea equally. Stupid, no one ever talks about the Crimean Tatars.

You know this whole thing is completely ridiculous. We should not be involved in sorting out anything there.The Europeans are better positioned to do it, and how many times have borders changed in Europe over the last thousand years? Many, many times and so have populations, and that is how peace has been made. We need to get out of it, stay out of it.’

Putin wants peace unlike the axis of evil; Starmer, Sunak, Trump and Biden.

Watch: Vladimir Putin’s Most Shocking Speech Against U.S On Nuclear Weapons | SPIEF 2024 | 8 Jun 2024;

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a stern warning about the potential sidelines stance of the U.S. in a European NATO nuclear conflict.

Despite the Western propaganda, listen to a first hand account by an American living in Russia, of what Russia and the Russian people are really like.

Watch: Life in Russia Today. A family safe haven from the anti-human agenda Greg Reese, The Reese Report, 13th June 2024;

‘Russia is an enormously attractive place for people looking for a Christian society in which to live and where to be relatively free. I do a lot of work with orthodox Christian journalism, and I know a lot about these. There have been a lot of prophecies by Orthodox saints, both in Russia and outside Russia, about what’s going to happen here. And they all say that Russia is going to become this like a Noah’s ark for all the people in the world who have not lost their sanity and not lost their, if not their love for God, at least their embrace of traditional family values.

How did it turn out that this country, Russia, controls this enormous landmass? It’s only about 140 million people, and it’s definitely not enough. You need, like, a billion people, really, to fill this large of a country, and it has the resources to support that kind of a population. And one of the things that some Christians say is, well, this is actually God’s will, that he left this giant country relatively empty with the idea that it would then be filled by people from all over the world who would come here and seek protection from the craziness that’s happening that seems to be taking over the West. Well, there you have it, folks’.”

Palestine / Israel

Piers Morgan has 2.98M subscribers. If this interview with George Galloway was viewed by all, George should be well on his way to becoming Prime Minister with Craig Murray as his chosen Foreign Secretary. It is also very interesting to hear Piers Morgan admit; “I have said that about equal rights (for all in Historic Palestine) from the start of this.”

“It’s TERRORISM” George Galloway vs Piers Morgan on Israel-Hamas, Putin & More Piers Morgan Uncensored, 26th June 2024;

On the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Piers presses Galloway to denounce the killings of innocents by Hamas in Israel on Oct 7th. Galloway responds by saying that while killing children and the elderly is terrorism, “if you keep 2.3 million people in a cage, they’re going to try and break out”. The pair also discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Galloway declaring that he actually trusts Putin “more than Keir Starmer, Joe Biden or Donald Trump”. Piers doesn’t let up, and George doesn’t back down…

Plus, in a surprise turn, Galloway reveals that he has fallen victim to Fiona Harvey of Baby Reindeer notoriety’s stalking.’

Galloway; The fact that you thought that this was the biggest single day of slaughter is

part of the problem. The Israeli media all the time reports that significant casualties were inflicted by Israeli forces themselves.

Morgan; Some people tried to describe what Hamas did that day as resistance.

Galloway; No, killing grandmas and kids is terrorism. It suited Israel that Hamas were there. Almost 40 years after the agreement there’s not one centimetre of Palestine free. What do you expect from an open air prison camp but a prisoner’s revolt?

Morgan; “If you don’t have a two-state solution, George, how does this ever lead to peace?

Galloway; The way you described it, that’s why I instantly agreed with you. Let’s call it the Holy Land. If you like we can call it Israel – Palestine, one country between that famous river and that famous sea, where every Jew, Muslim and Christian lives as an equal. That’s what we did at the end of apartheid in South Africa.”

Morgan; “How do they live as peaceful equals given what’s happened?”

Galloway; “It’ll never be perfect anymore than it is in Northern Ireland or in South Africa now, but any alternative proposal has the dis-benefit of having obviously been debunked. The two-state solution is debunked. Nobody believes in it, least of all Israel that would have to clear the 800,000 settlers off the land that’s supposed to be the Palestinian State, that’s not going to work. Now you may say this will never happen. I tell you it will not happen in my lifetime, but my youngest child is three years old. I believe it can happen in hers. If we stop endlessly bankrolling, arming, diplomatically covering for, culturally fluffing the state of Israel and begin to be at least evenhanded in the way that you are now being, be even handed, recognise that the Palestinians have rights too and that Palestinian lives matter too. In a 100 years maybe we’ll get to The Holy Land”.

Morgan; I have said that about equal rights (for all in Historic Palestine) from the start of this which I’ve articulated throughout.

The history and ongoing results of dodgy donations to the Labour Party from zionist extremists.

Watch: Labour and the lobby Palestine Declassified, Press TV, 15th June 2024;

15:26; Presenter; “When examining the current crop of Labour leaders, particularly the incoming prime minister and foreign minister, we see two individuals who have been carefully cultivated for many years by the zionist lobby.

If we were to follow Keir Starmer’s civility to the zionists, to its lair, we would end up at the controversial (British international) law firm Mishcon de Reya, which has a well documented history of serving the Israeli regime. Starmer was paid over £125,000 in the employment of the strongly pro-Israel lobby group and law firm, slyly pocketing £750 an hour. He even received £25,000 pounds from the firm while serving as a member of parliament.

Labour MP David Lammy has also been hosted by Mishcon de Reya in the past and both he and Starmer have been funded by Israel lobbyist Trevor Chin. It has also been revealed that the current Israeli government spokesman, David Menscher, previously headed communications for David Lammy during his failed run for London mayor in 2016. From top to bottom, the Labour party is in bed with the Israel lobby.”

Chris Williamson; “David, we’ve often talked on the show, haven’t we, about the maximalist strategy of the zionists. But do you think that Sir Keir Starmer has overreached now?”

David Miller; “Well, I think we’re seeing zionist overreach in a number of different areas. We talked about this previously in the show in relation, for example, to the student movement in the US. But, I mean, they can’t go too much further because the revulsion that there is for the Labour party and for its policies is really very apparent. We don’t know, of course, how that’s going to play out in the election. It’s very, very difficult to win large numbers of first pass the post seats under the UK’s parliamentary system. But what we’ll now see of the Labour party, people will not forget that. And there is a very, very deep revulsion against what the Labour party is doing, not just amongst Muslims, but again, all people have good conscience.”

Listen; Israel Defeated in Gaza: Even a Holocaust Won’t Erase Palestine, with Susan Abulhawa, Rania Khalek, Dispatches, 28th May 2024;

17:17; Rania Khalek; Why has Israel lost, do you think? Or is at least at the beginning of losing?

Susan Abulhawa; I think that Israel is anachronistic in a lot of ways. It exists in the wrong time. There was a time when colonies were in vogue and it was fine, you know, and racism was the order of the day and it’s ‘how it’s supposed to be’, right? There was a time in human history where the world looked favourably upon enslavement of other humans, looked favourably upon inflicting famine and Bengal so that Brits could eat. And this was simply the way the world was and Israel belongs in that era because that’s what it fits into. It fits into this sort of old colonial world that humanity has grown and rejected and repudiated. . . And the only reason I think Israel has managed this far is because of their success in exploiting the European holocaust and European anti-semitism.

That has been a hugely effective narrative and sort of bludgeon used on people, as well you know, a very clever sort of control of key aspects in society, whether it’s, you know, ownership of large swathes of media or the establishment of powerful lobbies. So those are the things that I think have allowed Israel to continue to exist despite its anachronistic, racist nature. Everything Israel is, is something humanity has largely rejected. Right?

This idea that some people, by virtue of some inherent right, are a better kind of human, whether people feel that way in private or not, is a concept that humanity has rejected. this is our common sort of understanding as human beings that, no, that’s not okay. Even if people practise something different – and that’s what Israel is. So it’s just not a sustainable model.

This idea that you can, in 2024, continue to ethnically cleanse and bludgeon and brutalise indigenous people in the way that Western countries did hundreds of years ago is not sustainable in a quote-unquote ‘colonial world’.”

Since its inception, Israel has striven to redraw the map of the Middle East. Is there any limit to Israel’s audacity? In this 2018 document, investigative journalist and author Christopher Bollyn details why he believes that the Israeli zionist government was behind the 9/11 attack.

Watch: Christopher Bollyn – Tricked Into War: Israeli Zionist Government Was Behind The 9/11 Attack (2018) Inner Light on

02:00; “The war on terror, the plot to rule the Middle East; 9-11 was a policy coup. It was blamed on Muslims in order to initiate the war on terror as an operational war. But behind the war on terror is a covert strategic plan to redraw the map of the Middle East.”

02:47; “Well, 9-11 and the war on terror were both conceived by Israeli military intelligence in the 1970s when Menachem Begin, the head of the Likud party, came to power. Menachem Begin is known as the father of terrorism.”

Though the mainstream media is promoting the zionist-controlled government line, people in the street are not buying it. Everyone can see the brutal genocide that is going on, and hopefully this will ensure votes for the Workers Party and for those Independent candidates who are demanding that the government stops companies from selling arms to Israel.

Watch: What UK did in Gaza is SHOCKING & no one’s allowed to talk about it Matt Kennard, Doubledown News, 6th June 2024;

00:18; Matt Kennard; “We’ve been covering for six months what this British military involvement in Gaza is, and it’s extensive. Two hundred spy flights have been sent by the UK military over Gaza since December. And these are flights that are in the air for 6 hours collecting intelligence.

It includes a flight which was in the air when Israel assassinated three British aid workers. So you have the insane situation where the Israelis have targeted and blown up three British aid workers, yet the UK is supplying them with intelligence, including from that day. But we’re not allowed to know what intelligence is being shared with the Israeli authorities.

On top of that, we’ve sent 60 huge military transport vehicles to Israel since the Gaza bombing began. These are huge vehicles which can carry Chinook helicopters, they can carry tanks and they can carry up to 150 personnel. Why have we sent 60 to Israel? Again, the British government refuses to give a full account of what has been on those flights. On top of that, we’ve been training Israeli soldiers in Britain while the genocide has been ongoing.

The British government was also refusing to say how many Israeli military planes were visiting Britain. I published an article on declassified UK with evidence that Israeli military planes had landed at four different locations within Britain. The British government then reversed course and said, okay, we will tell you now. And they said that nine military planes had landed in Britain since Gaza bombing began, but they refused to say what was on them.”

Watch; Where Olive Trees Weep a heartbreakingly beautiful and poignant film about the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice and freedom from brutal, violent zionist oppression, demolition of their houses and schools, and theft of their land over the past 76 years.

‘The film gives background to the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and brings to light the lives of people we met on our 2022 journey in the occupied West Bank. Their universally human stories speak of intergenerational pain, trauma and resilience. We hope they touch your heart, stir compassion and understanding, and give rise to a pursuit for justice. For without justice, peace remains an empty slogan.

Cinema can be a powerful force for change. Our aim is, beyond mere education, to truly move hearts and minds and inspire audiences to echo the calls for freedom, equality and dignity that have gone unanswered for far too long.

The film is our modest contribution towards our dream for an end to the occupation in Palestine, the attainment of equal rights and fair treatment for Palestinian people, and the spreading of healing for all intergenerational cycles of trauma in the region.’

Join us in sharing ‘Where Olive Trees Weep’ with the wider community.’

Max Blumenthal’s facts are accurate and opinions brave in his indefatigable quest to report the truth – he’s a hero;

Watch; Israeli Meddling in US Politics Max Blumenthal, Judge Napolitano-Judging Freedom, 28 June 2024;

Max Blumenthal; “He’s (Netanyahu) notoriously paranoid and so is virtually every other Israeli leader, I mean what Netanyahu was articulating there is the de facto Israeli security concept which is to wage perpetual war at various levels, and they would prefer a lower intensity war against all of the allies of Iran which is basically the axis of resistance, anyone who resists Israel including Sunni forces like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and virtually all factions in the Gaza Strip, because their constituents, the people of Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem, don’t want to live under occupation.

So Netanyahu is predicting this victory over Hamas, a victory which the Israeli army spokesman Colonel Daniel Hagari has said is not possible. In other words it’s not possible to completely defeat Hamas. Netanyahu is refusing to put forward a plan for the day after his imaginary victory, and Israel continues to bombard the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, attacking places where they claimed operational holds months ago. Today as we speak, Israel is bombarding the neighbourhood of Shuja’iyya, East of Gaza City where they claimed an operational hold last March. They’ve just been to Jabalya camp in the North where they claimed an operational hold in January, so I don’t know how long his long war will continue to take place, but while he’s predicting this victory Netanyahu’s defence secretary who’s also wanted by the International Criminal Court, Yoav Gallant, ‘Mr Human Animals’, was in Washington. He was just at the capitol today trying to convince Lloyd Austin and the Pentagon to support Israel as it conducted what it calls a limited operation to push back Hezbollah north of the Lani River in southern Lebanon, and it appears that the US is warning them against such such an operation and has told them that this is, according to reports now filtering out in Israeli media right now, that Israel cannot do a limited operation without triggering an all out war with Hezbollah. Israel’s state controller has said that it would not be possible to conduct a neat and tidy evacuation of Israel’s North. The head of Israel’s largest electricity company said the electricity grid is not ready and we know that Hezbollah has advanced intelligence on virtually every sensitive site in the North thanks to its successful drone infiltrations, so the US is deeply concerned about where Israel is going and Netanyahu looks like he needs the long war for his personal purposes while the families of captives in Gaza plead for him to do a ceasefire so they can have their family members back.”

Judge Napolitano; “How unstable is his premiership, whether it’s because the hostages have not been returned or the vast majority of them, or the Israeli Supreme Court ruling that the ultra orthodox have to be drafted and that might bust apart his coalition. What’s your feel for the legal mechanism or political mechanism that might undo him?”

Max Blumenthal; “My sense is his coalition is fairly resilient that drafting the ultra orthodox has not yet produced the kind of defections that he might have worried about, a lot of this owes itself to Netanyahu’s Francis Urquhart-style shivving of all political rivals throughout his long career. The consolidation of Israel as kind of a Likud state, which leaves very few alternatives within likud to Netanyahu, and a very weak opposition. As long as the war is going on much of the public will remain united in support of the goals. And you look at polling of jewish Israelis; most support continuing the war in Gaza and even escalating in the North.So I think one of the only things that could actually undo Netanyahu is hubris and marching into Southern Lebanon. I can talk for the next half about why that would be a disaster, but the US Pentagon has determined that Iran could potentially get involved and carry out a ballistic missile attack that would pulverise Israel’s missile defences. Today Hezbollah fired 40 rockets and Israel only intercepted 20 of them which is a pretty weak rate. So I think that could be one of the few things that would unravel his coalition.’

Does this suggest direct involvement by the UK military in Israel’s genocide of Palestinian civilians? Is the UK government complicit in assisting war crimes? Murky, ominous secrecy surrounds activity on the bases in Cyprus. Starmer and Sunak keep saying Israel has the right to defend itself, does the same apply to Lebanon?

Watch; Why did Hezbollah threaten to attack Cyprus? Middle East Eye, 29 June 2024;

‘On June 19, Hezbollah leader warned Cyprus that it would become a target if it assisted Israel in attacking Lebanon, causing the Cyprus government spokesperson to stress that, “Any public allegations that refer to an involvement of Cyprus through its infrastructure or its territory in the event of a confrontation that relates to Lebanon are totally groundless.

Cyprus has never facilitated and will not facilitate any aggressive action or attack against any country.”

So where have these accusations come from? Cyprus was under British colonial rule until it won its independence in 1960. But the UK still has two military bases in Akrotiri and Dhekelia, and there’s been a lot of activity over the last eight months. Declassified UK revealed in November 2023 that RAF aircraft transport flew out daily from Akrotiri to Tel Aviv between October 13 and October 26, which is odd because the two months prior to October 7, Declassified UK found no record of British military flights from Akrotiri to Israel.

In the first 24 days of the Gaza war, 40 heavy transport aircraft operated by the US Air Force landed in the UK-owned military bases. When Grant Shapps, the British minister of defence, was asked to specify what was being transported, he refused to give any details.

He told the UK government that it was only defensive material or material that could help recover the hostages. The UK also allegedly used these bases in January 2024 to launch attacks against the Houthis in Yemen, and the bases have reportedly been used to arm Israel in its war against Gaza and Hezbollah in South Lebanon.

Cyprus government has previously allowed Israel to use its airspace for military drills only, not in active conflicts. It’s not clear if the Cypriot government are told what these bases are used for or what they’re transporting, and the UK is not required to give this information. British MP Kenny MacAskill said, ” We know that RAF Akrotiri is not simply being used by the RAF to fly into Israel, but we’ve handed it over to the United States so that they can move things into Israel. Of course, when we ask the UK government, what is America moving from Cyprus into Israel, they can’t answer. And of course, when you ask the Americans, they say, well, ‘we can’t tell you because it’s a British base’. It is a deliberate distortion to allow Israel to be supplied through the UK, acting in complicity with the United States of America.The UK must stand up, stop being complicit with the United States, stop being supine to Israel and stand up for humanity.”

There have been protests in Cyprus against the alleged use of British bases for military operations in the region. Cypriot citizens are worried they’re going to be dragged into a war, especially after Hezbollah’s threats.’

I doubt that there is anyone that the zionists want silenced more than former Professor at Bristol University, David Miller. The judgement at his employment tribunal demolished, in Britain at least, the zionists’ favourite weaponised lie, that criticism of zionism is anti-semitic. At a crucial time for humanity, as Western governments feed the genocide, we value his indefatigable dedication to the truth and his immense knowledge of the history of Palestine and the crimes committed by racist zionists against the Palestinian people over the past 70 years. David Miller is undoubtedly a hero.

The Zionist Lobby and the War in Gaza with David Miller and Craig Murray Gordon Dimmock, 24 June 2024;

David Miller and Craig Murray talk to an audience in Blackburn where Craig is running to be MP about the zionist lobby and the war in Gaza.

David Miller; “Start to look at the other things that the zionist movement is doing in addition to trying to influence government policy. Well, they run schools, youth groups, student representative groups. They run synagogues and all sorts of other institutions. And they have a particular function which I’ve come to talk about. Now, I’ve mentioned schools and synagogues. Perhaps you’re surprised at that. But if you look at the websites, there’s 160 jewish schools in this country. Approximately a third of them, so far as I’ve been able to determine, describe themselves as being zionist schools.They’re not jewish schools. Not just there to be faith schools for jewish people. They’re there to inculcate zionism. They say this on their websites. They’re not embarrassed about it. It’s not illegal. Amazing it’s not illegal. Imagine there was a school dedicated to inculcating Wahhabism, for example. Would that be allowed in the open? So indeed, synagogues, most of the synagogues in this country are explicitly affiliated to the zionist movement. The Reformed, Reform Judaism, liberal Judaism, united synagogue, etcetera. Now, the purpose of these, all these organisations, it’s not to lobby government to change policy in favour of Israel. It is to indoctrinate and radicalise jewish youth into believing that they have what they call a birthright to land in Palestine, that ordinary Jews in Blackburn or Manchester or Birmingham or Gateshead or in London have a birthright to go and steal Palestinian houses and land, colonize the territory, call it their own and expel the Palestinians, and indeed, genocide the Palestinians.

So we have a problem with zionism. Zionism isn’t just a problem there. It’s a problem here because they are engaged in radicalizing jewish youth into supporting genocide. And they do that through the youth groups. And there are socialist zionist youth groups, and there are religious zionist youth groups, and there are revisionist zionist youth groups, but all of them believe in stealing Palestinian land. And then, of course, by the time that students, the kids get to the age of 16, every jewish kid in this country is offered a free trip to Israel to radicalise them and propagandise them. So some jews break away and become anti zionists. They are our comrades in this movement, but many don’t. Many go on to spend a year in Israel, and maybe they take part in the Massa journey program, where they are able to be recruited to what’s called the lone soldier program.

So ordinary British jewish kids can be recruited to join the Israel Defence Forces and engage in genocide in Gaza. And of course, everyones seen these, haven’t they? Argentinian and German and American and British zionists engaged in uniform in Gaza, wearing women’s underwear, just killing children, stealing money, destroying properties, etcetera. Everyone’s seen that, right? So that’s the problem we have. It’s not just that we’ve got the problem of a rogue state. It’s a rogue state which is radicalising individuals from this country and many other countries, more than 100 countries in which the zionist movement is active, 40 countries in which they are mainly active. And that’s a problem for us because, of course, these people will come back and we’ve already seen many incidents, haven’t we, of zionists attacking pro Palestine protesters, ordinary Muslims, especially women wearing hijab. And that’s, of course, we used to call that blowback, didn’t we, in an earlier age? That’s what will happen. We will have these kinds of attacks on our streets in months to come. So it’s a problem.”

Watch; Palestine Talks | In conversation with Rabbi Shapiro (Part 1); TRT World, 30 Jun 2024

‘Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro discusses the origins of zionism and how, contrary to prevailing Western views, it is fundamentally opposed to Judaism. ‘

“The zionists wanted to cure the Jews of the aspirations which were to be meek, mild, humble, priestly. The Bible says ‘the Jews are priestly people.’

(zionists said) ‘You will become strong men, warriors, especially warriors’.

Jews did not like wars. It was very much against our values.

‘You will become warriors, you will become strong men. You will stop with this cerebral lifestyle. And this studious, pious lifestyle. You will be like the Cossacks. You will be like the Germans. You will be like the Russians. Exactly which country you will be like and what culture.’

Okay. There are different zionist opinions about that. And again, that resulted in different zionist political parties today. And that was zionism, designed to wipe out jewish identity, destroy it and replace it with zionist identity. Very simple. And that way the Jews would be normalised, and everybody will. And the Jews will be normalised, or will be normal in the eyes of the world.’

The absurdity of war is sung with sarcastic lyrics.

Song; War Isn’t Murder; Jesse Welles

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