Scorched earth ark secret locations (2024)

Scorched earth ark secret locations (1)


The Artifact of the Destroyer and a Scorched Sword Skin can be found in the artifact crate. This location dubbed as the entrance consists of the Church all the way down to where the path splits into two, where it then becomes the descent. The cave that is the Ruins of Nosti begins with a descent down beneath the surface. The entrance is inside what many players call the church, one of the larger ruined buildings. The ruins themselves are notable as being featured as the setting for many of this Ark's explorer notes, which among other things chronical the city's rise and fall.


The ruins above are a forgotten city full of domed buildings and pillars in the south east of the map in the dunes.


Next: Ark Creature Vote Asks You To Pick Fjordur’s New DinosaurĪrk: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.The Ruins of Nosti (more commonly referred to as The Church Cave) is a Cave underneath a ruined building on the Scorched Earth map.

Scorched earth ark secret locations (2)

Finally, the Arctic biome in Ark: Survival Evolved contains obsidian in abundance, though it becomes more scarce in the East Arctic. Obsidian deposits in the Open Water region are rare but can be found mainly around the Secluded Atoll and the Shielded Atoll. The Volcanic and Lunar biomes contain the most obsidian deposits for this map, though they are more sparse in the Lunar portion. Obsidian can be found in four of the five zones of the Genesis: Part 1 map, available everywhere except the Bog. Obsidian deposits are sparse in Valguero,but they can be spotted along the northern Snow Mountains, much like obsidian deposits in Valheim, thoughobsidian won’t spawn in the glacial portion of the Mountains in Ark: Survival Evolved.On Scorched Earth, players can find obsidian deposits along the World Scar and in the Northern West Mountains, as well as in the artifact caves andnear the peaks of most mountains. The Sweeping Spires along the south have the most obsidian deposits of all the regions on this map. The rocky shores around the Redwoods are good places to look for obsidian, as well as the volcano’s peak and the jungles and cliffs found at the northwest corner of Ragnarok‘s map.Įxtinction contains obsidian in the highest concentrations at the north and south edges of its map, though deposits can be found throughout its entirety. The best location for obsidian deposits on this map is toward the north. Obsidian deposits can also be found on Thunder Peak and the Deathsands but are much rarer. Ragnarok has obsidian deposits in the South West Tropics of the map, with greater concentrations at higher altitudes. Players traveling further down may want to search the southeastern corner of Element Falls for obsidian. The Grave of the Lost region of the map is another obsidian-rich zone, with deposits common through The Lost Roads, Hope’s End, and The Spine. Players still searching for obsidian would next want to check the Crystalline Swamps Fans of Skyrim‘s Blackreach and its big secret will feel right at home searching for obsidian in the Luminous Marshlands of Ark: Survival Evolved. Another large obsidian vein can be found on the surface in the southwestern portion of the map leading into The Overlook. Obsidian deposits are more common on the Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration map, with deposits liberally spread across the surface at the northeast andnorthwest corners. Further deposits can spawn around the base of the southern Snowy Mountain. Obsidian depositsare alsoreliably found on Skull Island and within the gulf of the southern tropical island. The Swamp that surrounds the floating island of The Center will also provide players with obsidian, though the hazards found here may make this location too risky. The main source of obsidian on The Center map will be the Lava Islands toward the north, similarto coal spawn locations in Volcanoids, with obsidian common here around the lava pools and throughout the extensive cave systems. The highest concentration of obsidian found on The Island will be in the northwestern corner of the map, surrounding Whitesky Peak along its shores and up the mountain face. Obsidian is also abundant toward the summit of Frozen Tooth and Far’s Peak. The Grand Hills commonly spawn obsidian deposits, especially around the northwestern face of the main mountain. The Island map in Ark: Survival Evolved contains obsidian deposits around its tallest peaks and through its cave systems, including The Caverns of Lost Hope and the Lava Cave.

Scorched earth ark secret locations (2024)
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