Madden 24: All Types Of Blitzes (2024)

In Madden 24, several types of blitzes can be called depending on the defensive playbook you're using, all of them with the primary objective of defeating the blocking offensive line and getting in the quarterback's face to disrupt the pass he's trying to make. In this article, let's take a look at some common types and variations of blitzes you'll find in Madden 24.

Zone Blitz: This blitz typically involves a linebacker blitzing in place of a defensive lineman or edge rusher, who will drop back into coverage to cover the space left by the linebacker. The aim is to confuse the QB into making a quick, ill-advised throw. An added benefit of the zone blitz is that they can trick the offense into thinking more defenders are coming on the blitz than there really are.

Safety Blitz: With a safety blitz, one of the safeties will come down and blitz with the rest of the blitzing defenders. This is a riskier type of blitz because safety is typically part of the last line of defense. When he rushes, he often leaves a gap open behind him, and if a quarterback can exploit that gap, it can result in a big play for the opposition offense.

Cornerback Blitz: As the name implies, a cornerback will come off the edge to rush the QB. Corners usually have good speed, so they can get to the quarterback quickly before they can take advantage of the area of the field the defender just vacated. Of course, this is also a high-risk move because it leaves a wide receiver potentially uncovered. Both corner and safety blitzes are often meant to create an element of surprise that throws off the offense.

Zero Blitz: This blitz is the biggest gamble of them all, as it leaves no deep safety covering the deep section of the field. Teams will run a zero blitz when they are almost certain the offense will run the football. If a defense runs a zero blitz, they leave themselves open to being exploited badly should the offense be able to throw the football in time.

Run Blitz: Defensive coaches can also call a blitz with the intention of disrupting the run game, not just the passing game. If a defense can anticipate the run play or the direction of the run, they can dial up a blitz that gets a lot of defenders to the point of attack in a hurry. If they're successful, they'll be able to stop the runner before he gets going.

Edge Blitz: The Edge Blitz is a popular defensive play that aims to apply pressure on the quarterback from the edges of the offensive line. This blitz typically involves sending linebackers, defensive ends, or even cornerbacks off the edge in hopes of sacking the QB or forcing him to make a hurried throw. One of the primary benefits of the Edge Blitz is the speed at which you can pressure the QB. Blitzing from the edge means defenders can get to the QB faster than if they were coming from the middle of the field.

A-Gap Blitz: The A-Gap Blitz in Madden 24 is centered around pressuring the quarterback through the A-Gaps. The A-Gaps are the spaces between the center and the guards on the offensive line. This type of blitz is designed to exploit these gaps and apply immediate, disruptive pressure right up the middle of the offense. Due to the proximity of the A-Gaps to the quarterback, this blitz can generate quick pressure, forcing hurried throws or potentially sacking the QB. Effective against inside run plays, the A-Gap Blitz can also stifle a run before it starts, especially against draws and dives.

B-Gap Blitz: Blitzing through the B-Gaps, which are the gaps between the guards and the tackles. Typically done with linebackers or defensive ends. By exploiting these gaps with blitzes, defenses aim to disrupt the offense and either sack the quarterback or force a quick throw. This blitz can come from multiple points, making it hard for the offensive line to predict where the rush will originate. And it can be effective against inside run plays, making it harder for running backs to find lanes.

Delayed Blitz: This blitz, sometimes known as a "Green Dog Blitz", is where a player initially holds back for a brief moment after the snap before blitzing the quarterback. This delay can be beneficial in a variety of ways, mainly because it can catch the offense off guard or exploit holes that develop in the offensive line's protection scheme. But since there's a delay in the blitz, the QB might have a little more time to decide than other blitzes.

Overload Blitz: This blitz in Madden 24 is a high-risk, high-reward defensive tactic where you send more rushers to one side of the offensive line than they can block. The idea is to "overload" one side of the protection, forcing the quarterback to make a rapid decision, typically leading to a hurried throw or sack. But the side opposite to the blitz can be exposed, making it susceptible to quick throws like slants or screens.

Spy Blitz: The "spy" concept usually refers to designating a defender to "spy" on the quarterback, especially if he's mobile. This player doesn't rush the passer immediately or drop into standard coverage; instead, he hovers near the line of scrimmage, watching the quarterback's movements and reacting accordingly. This can be particularly effective against unsuspecting opponents.

That is all different types of blitzes in Madden 24. Always keep in mind, when using these blitzes in the game, that can leave certain areas of the field more vulnerable, so it's essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and to use them strategically.

Madden 24: All Types Of Blitzes (2024)
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