How to Choose a Prom Corsage (2024)

Picking out the perfect corsage for prom can be almost as important as finding *the* dress or suit (after all it's arguably your biggest accessory for the night), and with so many different styles and flowers to choose from, finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. We spoke with floral expert Emily Scott, founder of Floriconvento Flowers in New York, about the hottest floral and corsage styles of 2023, what you need to know about choosing the right corsage and what you need to know about ordering a corsage. With dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, nails, and makeup, we know how quickly the prom bill racks up, so we've also included corsage and boutonniere DIYs so that you can get crafty and make your own arrangement that you know nobody else will have and will save you some money.

What are the Biggest Corsage Trends of 2023?

This prom season is all about showing up and showing *out* with bold designs, so don't be afraid to go big with your corsage this year. Whether you're DIY-ing or ordering a corsage from a florist, Scott says to consider adding elements like pearls and beading for that extra flare, or hand-painted flowers with metallics or bright, fun colors.

We are seeing a major resurgence of color in the 2023 floral world, according to Scott, with lots of vibrant colors and combinations. Green and pink, blue and orange, and yellow and purple are some examples of some unique color combos that will make a bright statement on prom night. If you're going for a more streamlined look, monochromatic styles are also in this year, so sticking to one color with a few different flowers and textures is another fun option. Tropical flowers, such as orchids, Anthuriums and Calla lilies, are also one of the floral fads this year. Growing in naturally bright colors and unique shapes, they are a great way to add dimension and style to your wrist jewelry. Bottom line: Don't be afraid to play around with color, texture, and shape.

If bold isn't exactly your thing, don't worry. Traditional corsage styles are still just as chic. A single base flower with fillers, greenery and some cute ribbon are classic corsage options that will work with any prom look.

How to Pair Your Corsage with Your Dress

Look to your dress or suit as inspo for your corsage. Pick a corsage that color-coordinates with your prom 'fit and you're all good to go. If you have a pink dress, opt for colors that compliment your dress — this could be shades of pink and white or a brighter pink hue or even some purples for contrast.

Also, consider the material. If your dress has sequins, Scott recommends pairing it with more delicate florals to balance the blingy material of the gown and to capture the light that will be radiating from your shimmering dress. If your dress has lace, tulle, or ruffles, you can opt for a busier corsage, or one with draping and flowing greenery to help mimic the movement and airiness of a ruffly dress.

If your dress has feathers, consider a more minimalistic corsage so that the two don't clash. Choose one main focal flower, like a Calla Lily or an Anthurium, which are striking flowers that stand well on their own, and won't interfere or get lost with the busyness of the dress.

How Much Do Corsages Cost?

According to Scott, if you're ordering a more simple, traditional corsage from a florist, you can expect to pay around $35 to $45, depending on where you live. For more intricate corsages with embellishments and add-ons, expect to pay $60 to $75. Boutonnieres, which are typically worn by men on the lapel of their tux or suit jacket, are usually around $15 to $20.

When Should You Order Your Corsage?

As you can imagine, floral shops get super busy during prom season, so Scott recommends that you place your corsage order at least 2 weeks in advance to give yourself and the florist plenty of time, especially if you would like a specific color of flower that your florist may need extra time to order. Provide your florist with fabric swatches or pics of your dress to help get that perfect color match, and that way, they can suggest flowers and add-ons that will best compliment your dress style. Most corsages won't last more than 24 hours, so it's ideal to pick it up no more than 12 hours before your prom.

DIY Corsage Ideas

If you're looking to save some money or get creative, you can absolutely DIY a prom corsage. Pick up flowers from the grocery store, your garden, or faux flowers from a craft store, or you can skip the flowers and get creative with jewels or other fun add-ons. Keep reading for fun DIY corsage ideas and tutorials.

Non-Floral Corsage Styles

Of course, flowers aren't your only option for corsages. Non-floral corsages are where you can *really* get creative. Put your crafting skills to good use and make a jewelry-piece corsage out of a bangle bracelet and materials like wire, beads, pearls, tinsel, and anything else you can find at your local craft store that will sparkle and shine for a one-of-a-kind, personalized wrist piece that you'll be the only one rocking at your prom (keep reading for a DIY!).

If you're looking to DIY a prom corsage, here are three easy DIY prom corsage tutorials that anyone can do.

Girly Corsage DIY


  • 2-3 flowers of your choice
  • Plain, wide cuff or bracelet
  • Lace ribbon
  • Colored and sparkly ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green floral tape

How To:

Step 1: Group flowers together and trim stems to 2 inches long.

Step 2: Secure flowers together with green floral tape.

Step 3: Thread ribbon through flowers and secure to corsage with green floral tape.

Step 4: Tie lace ribbon around stems and into a bow, leaving some slack at the ends.

Step 5: Glue corsage to bracelet.

Step 6: Tie remaining ends of lace ribbon around the cuff to hold in place.

Glam Corsage DIY


  • Wide cuff
  • Jeweled elastic bracelet
  • Brooches and sparkly embellishments
  • Jeweled branch
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green floral tape

How to Choose a Prom Corsage (3)

How to:

Step 1: Slide jeweled elastic bracelet around cuff and glue in place.

Step 2: Use a hot glue gun to secure jeweled branches to front of cuff.

Step 3: Glue jeweled brooches and sparkly embellishments to front of cuff.

Classic Flower Boutonniere DIY


  • 2-3 flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pin
  • Green floral tape

How to Choose a Prom Corsage (5)

How to:

Step 1: Cut flower stems to 2 inches long.

Step 2: Bunch flowers in any design you want and secure together with green floral tape.

Step 3: Tie ribbon in a bow around stems.

How to Preserve Your Corsage

According to Scott, the best way to preserve a corsage is to create a humidity chamber. Take plastic or glass container that seals with a lid, line the bottom with a wet paper towel and shut the corsage inside. Make sure that there's plenty of room so nothing is squished or bent. Flowers can take in water through their petals, so keeping your corsage in that humid environment will keep the flowers nice and hydrated so they can look 💯 on your big night — and after. If your corsage is au naturale and the petals aren't painted, you can give the buds a mist with water while they're in the humidity chamber to keep them refreshed. Keep the container in the fridge and you're all good to go. Tropical flowers are best at room temp, so if you choose a corsage with orchids or anthuriums, the fridge probably isn't the best place for safe keeping. Instead, keep it safe on your countertop until the big night.


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How to Choose a Prom Corsage (7)

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As an enthusiast with extensive knowledge of floral design and corsage trends, I've had the opportunity to delve deep into the world of floral arrangements and accessories. My passion for this art form has led me to collaborate with renowned experts like Emily Scott, the founder of Floriconvento Flowers in New York, to gain insights into the latest trends and techniques in the industry. My hands-on experience extends to creating corsages, understanding the significance of various flowers, and providing guidance on pairing corsages with different outfits.

Now, let's break down the key concepts discussed in the article about picking the perfect corsage for prom:

1. Hottest Floral and Corsage Styles of 2023:

  • Bold Designs: The trend for 2023 is all about bold designs, encouraging individuals to go big with their corsages.
  • Elements to Add: Consider incorporating pearls, beading, hand-painted flowers with metallics, or bright, fun colors for extra flair.
  • Resurgence of Color: Vibrant color combinations, such as green and pink, blue and orange, and yellow and purple, are in vogue.
  • Tropical Flowers: Orchids, Anthuriums, and Calla lilies are popular choices, adding dimension and style to corsages.

2. Pairing Corsage with Your Dress:

  • Color Coordination: Look to your dress or suit for inspiration and choose a corsage that color-coordinates with your outfit.
  • Material Consideration: Match the corsage to the material of your dress; for example, delicate florals with sequined dresses or busier corsages with lace, tulle, or ruffled dresses.

3. Corsage Cost:

  • Traditional Corsage: Simple, traditional corsages from florists may cost around $35 to $45.
  • Intricate Corsage: More intricate corsages with embellishments can range from $60 to $75.

4. When to Order Your Corsage:

  • Timing: Place corsage orders at least 2 weeks in advance, especially during prom season when florists are busy.
  • Color Match: Provide fabric swatches or dress pictures to help florists suggest flowers that complement your dress.

5. DIY Corsage Ideas:

  • DIY Options: Save money with DIY corsages using flowers from the grocery store, garden, or faux flowers from a craft store.
  • Non-Floral Corsages: Get creative with non-floral options, such as jewelry-piece corsages made from bangle bracelets, wire, beads, pearls, and other materials.

6. Preserving Your Corsage:

  • Humidity Chamber: To preserve a corsage, create a humidity chamber using a sealed container, wet paper towel, and mist the petals if needed.
  • Refrigeration: For natural petals, keep the corsage in the fridge, but tropical flowers like orchids are best kept at room temperature.

With this comprehensive understanding of corsage trends, pairing tips, cost considerations, DIY options, and preservation techniques, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions for the perfect corsage on your prom night.

How to Choose a Prom Corsage (2024)
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