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Florist Supplies

At Koch & Co, we have over 90 years of experience with catering to the professional and hobbyist florists of Australia. When it comes to floristry supplies and accessories, we know the ins and outs of what it takes to assemble quality floral bouquets and installations, as well as the tools necessary to run a florist from a storefront or online.

Australia’s Most Trusted Brand For Floristry Supplies

At Koch & Co, our Floral Basics® brand covers a range of products designed to cover every essential tool and material necessary for assembling floral arrangements, creating floral art, and the curricula of Australian floristry education. From florists supplies such as floral foam, florist wire, flower stands, glues, and adhesives, Koch & Co’s inventory covers the multitude of tools and flower shop supplies that are required by a florist of any experience level.

Passionate Florist Supplier For All Your Flower Needs

At Koch & Co, we have a long history as florist suppliers, and proudly offer the largest range of florist supplies Australia wide. Available to browse in-store in Auburn NSW and online, our wholesale prices apply to our entire range of quality florist supplies and florist sundries. Servicing professional florists as well as hobbyist florist communities, we are here to cater to all your flower needs, from a pair of secateurs to a wedding arch.

High Quality Wholesale Floral Supplies

As a floral supply company that imports its products directly, we can assure the quality of our stock and also pass the savings onto you. We price our florist supplies wholesale so that you can save on essential supplies like floral foam, polystyrene balls, Design Master spray paint, and parafilm tape. Our wholesale pricing on quality products also applies to florist hardware such as safety cutters, florist scissors, plastic pots, pots for plants, flower bowls and guards. To see these products and so much more, check us out online or visit us at our Superstore to buy florist supplies today.

Florist Supplies Australia Wide Shipping

Visiting our Koch & Co Superstore in Auburn, NSW offers you the opportunity to see our extensive range in person. However, if you’re unable to pay us a visit and are lacking ‘wholesale florist supplies near me’, fear not. At Koch & Co, we are the floral supply company who will deliver our wholesale floral supplies Australia wide, direct to your door.

What are some flower arrangement ideas?

When designing a floral arrangement, the level of difficulty can vary, but the fundamentals are easy principles to guide you.
A few things you should consider before making your arrangements are:

  • Is your arrangement going to be large, medium, or small? Is the arrangement going to be wrapped or in a vase?
  • Should you choose fresh or artificial flowers?
  • What flowers and foliage would best suit your chosen theme, colour palette, or the occasion for which the arrangement is being made?

A simple and effective design for a floral arrangement is one that is asymmetrical in form.

To make this arrangement, simply follow these steps:

  1. Start with your greenery. Greenery often has a unique shape to it, which will form a dynamic, asymmetrical framework for your bouquet. Keep in mind that greenery doesn’t have to be foliage. Greenery can be blossoms, magnolia branches with buds on them, or lichen-covered branches. The creation of structure is the key function of this initial step.
  2. Add your linear flowers. Examples include snapdragon, stock, and delphinium. These linear flowers should complement and accentuate the asymmetry of the arrangement, so it can be a good idea to cluster them on the dominant side of your greenery structure. Leave one or two of these to be added at the end.
  3. Focal flowers should seize the recipient’s attention. Roses are perhaps the most popular focal flower. Start with your first focal flower in what you want to make the focus of your bouquet. Add the rest of your focal flowers at staggered heights and differing angles.
  4. Fill gaps in your arrangement with smaller, secondary flowers (such as cosmos) and/or filler flowers (such as baby’s breath).
  5. Add your final linear flower/s to the arrangement where needed most. Sometimes, adding a linear flower on the shorter side of the arrangement (where there are no linear flowers) can offer a fun and balancing touch to the asymmetry.
  6. Snip the ends of your stems so that they’re at a uniform length. Some stems, like that of a Singapore orchid, are very short. Refrain from cutting all your stems to match the length of such a short stem. In such cases, a water phial over short stems works well to keep them hydrated.
  7. Secure your arrangement with an elastic band and attach a hydrating solution. For a sustainable approach to wrapped bouquets, we recommend our Get it Fresh Wrap.
  8. If wrapping your arrangement in paper, secure flower wrap with cello tape, or pot tape, and decorative ribbon.

For detailed online guides and more flower arrangement ideas, see our . To see our floral arrangement supplies, browse our online shop or visit our Auburn Superstore.

How to make a floral table arrangement?

Floral table arrangements help add charm and ambience to an otherwise blank canvas. Table arrangements can be relatively easy to make, especially when you have the right flower arranging supplies.
A few things you should consider before making your arrangements are:

  • Is your table large, medium, or small?
  • Do other elements, like dinner settings and food, also require space on the table?
  • Should you choose fresh or artificial flowers?
  • What flowers and foliage would best suit your chosen theme or home décor?

A fantastic design for an event table is an arrangement that runs the full length of the table. To make this arrangement, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you are using fresh flowers, we recommend using wet floral foam. If you are using artificial flowers, we recommend using dry floral foam.
  2. If you are using wet floral foam, to keep your tablecloth from getting wet or damaged, place your foam in a flower tray or bowl.
  3. When your floral foam is chosen, arrange the bricks lengthways down the table at your desired length.
  4. The centre will be the starting point for your arrangement. When you insert the centre point foliage, angle it straight up. From then on, position everything to the left of the centre point leaning left, and everything right of the centre point leaning right.
  5. After this, continue the process of layering your greenery and flowers along the length of the table to fill out your arrangement.
How to make a floral installation?

Learning the art of floral installation design can be made easy with the right Koch florist supplies. Check out our comprehensive website to find the online florist supplies you need for your floral installation.
A few things to consider before you create your design are:

  • What will the anchor point for your installation be?
  • If hanging from the ceiling, will your installation require a professional rigging company to secure it in place?
  • What type of frame will you use?
  • Does the installation require transportation to the event space?
  • What flowers and foliage will match your event theme?
  • Do you wish to use fresh or artificial flowers in your arrangement?

To start building your installation, simply:

  1. Assemble your installation frame.
  2. Position your floral foam around the base of the frame at points that you would like to display the flowers.
  3. Start arranging your foliage and flowers on your installation frame to create your desired design.
  4. Make sure your installation is secure. This is especially needed if it is an outdoor event where the installation will be exposed to different elements, like strong winds.
How to make a floral hair piece?

Wearing flowers in your hair at a wedding or special event is a simple way to add a romantic accessory to your outfit. A popular choice for floral headpieces is a pretty flower crown. To make your flower crown, follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure grape vine wire twine around your head, leaving an extra 10cm so you are able to adjust the crown later if necessary.
  2. Twist the two ends of twine together to secure the circle.
  3. Select and arrange your flowers around the crown; be sure to use a variety of different size flowers and even some greenery. You can either arrange the flowers all around the entire circle or just at the front.
  4. Cut off the flower stems, leaving around 2cm of stem for attaching to the twine. Form a hook with florist wire and secure it around the first flower stem. Repeat for each flower.
  5. Start attaching flowers one by one onto the twine using binding wire. Keep in mind to start at one end and work your way around.
  6. Your flower crown is now ready to use! If needed, adjust the crown to fit your head so it sits comfortably.
Where to buy florist supplies?

Whether you’re in the market to stock up on florist supplies, or about to make your first purchase, Koch & Co is the supplier you can trust. As one of the largest providers and distributors of wholesale florist supplies Australia wide, we are sure to have everything you need for your next project. From floral foam, flower trolleys, cutting tools, and must-have florist accessories, Koch & Co stocks thousands of items for all your floristry requirements. With over 90 years of experience, we offer Australia’s most comprehensive range of professional floral shop supplies for floral designers and beginners alike. We pride ourselves on pairing great products with great customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to help you with any of your florist supplies requests. Browse and buy florist supplies online via our website or view our entire range of wholesale florist supplies in-store. For your convenience, we ship the majority of our products Australia wide.

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I'm an enthusiast with a deep understanding of floristry supplies and accessories. My expertise stems from a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and tools used in the floral industry. I've been involved in various aspects of floristry, from assembling quality floral bouquets to understanding the tools necessary to run a florist business, both in-store and online.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Floral Foam: Essential for arranging flowers, providing a base for stems, and maintaining hydration.

  2. Polystyrene Shapes: Likely used for crafting and creating unique floral designs.

  3. Funeral Supplies: Including items tailored for funeral arrangements and displays.

  4. Merchandising Displays: Tools and materials used for showcasing floral arrangements in a retail setting.

  5. Florist Wire: Used for structural support and arranging flowers.

  6. Floral Decorative Wire: Adds decorative elements to floral arrangements.

  7. Cutting Tools: Necessary for trimming stems and achieving desired shapes.

  8. Florist Accessories: A broad category covering various tools and embellishments used by florists.

  9. Florist Warehouse Supplies: Bulk supplies for professional florists, including storage solutions.

  10. Flower Trolley: A mobile cart for transporting flowers and arrangements within a florist shop.

  11. Secateurs: Pruning shears for cutting and shaping flowers and plants.

  12. Rubber Bands: Used for bundling flowers and securing arrangements.

  13. Paper Roll Dispensers: Likely used for packaging and wrapping floral arrangements.

The article also mentions the brand "Floral Basics®" by Koch & Co, emphasizing their extensive range of florist supplies, including floral foam, florist wire, flower stands, glues, and adhesives. Koch & Co positions itself as a trusted brand with over 90 years of experience in catering to both professional and hobbyist florists in Australia. The emphasis on wholesale pricing, direct imports, and Australia-wide shipping adds to their appeal.

Additionally, the article provides practical tips for creating floral arrangements, table arrangements, installations, and even floral hairpieces. It guides readers on considerations such as size, fresh or artificial flowers, themes, and occasion relevance.

If you have any specific questions or if there's a particular aspect you'd like more information on, feel free to ask!

Florist Supplies Online At Wholesale Prices | Koch & Co (2024)
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