Crispy Sheet-Pan Noodles With Glazed Tofu Recipe (2024)



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Fun And Delicious

Made this almost as written. Had two large bok choy instead of baby bok choy, so they ended up mostly as individual pieces on top. Had ramen that was thinner than the usual type so only soaked for three minutes in the same pan as where I boiled the water. Made extra marinade for drizzle, there wasn't enough after tofu dipping. The crunchy/soft noodles are fun and the flavor great without being too salty. My 7 year old and 2 year old ate it all up, including the greens.


This dish was delicious! The teens absolutely loved it. That said, I made extra marinade and wished I had made even more. The noodles were a bit dry.


This is SO delicious. What a great outcome from such simple ingredients. I would recommend doubling the marinade so there is enough to drizzle at the end as I used the recommended amount up during the tofu prep.


As almost everyone else said, the marinade needs to be at least doubled. Also, to my taste this was under-spiced and I really felt like it needing some amping up. I ended up drizzling some soy sauce over it once plated and added chili crisp. If I made it again, I would double or maybe triple the garlic (if I was doubling the marinade I would use 4 or 5 cloves of garlic), sub some hot sesame oil for the plain sesame oil, and add some soy sauce and chili-garlic paste to the marinade.

Mimi Pond

I followed the advice of the others and doubled the marinade. Here’s what happens: about every 5 years the one virtuous bone in my body says “tofu! That’s a good idea!” But I am here to tell you that tofu is never a good idea. I was sold on the crispy noodle biz, and next time I’d triple that sauce and use pork or chicken.


A very flexible and forgiving recipe, downsized it for one and it turned out great! I wanted a little more protein and crunch so I threw in a handful of peanuts at the start, and used Thai Basil instead of cilantro as that is what I had. Next time I will also put some scallions in at the end.


Though the recipe says to discard the flavor packet, it would have been better if it said to save the packets for another use. For instance, you could add the contents to the water for making rice. Or use it to flavor water to make broth. Or boil up some vermicelli, and add it to the water for a (near) instant noodle soup.

Susan C

It’s a little on the sweet side. Next time I’ll leave out the maple syrup since the hoisin sauce is also sweet. I added spicy chili crisp at the table and will probably just add it directly to the marinade next time I make it.


This was a huge hit with the whole family. I modified it as follows:Taking the comments about it being too sweet into account, I left out the hoisin sauce, added a little oyster sauce and it was a good sweetness level.Added a whole bunch of fresh grated gingerDoubled the marinadeDid it on two trays - one that was the marinated tofu and some sliced cabbage that I let roast, the other with the noodles + marinade + a bit of sesame oil + tossed baby spinach in a few minutes before it being done


I have made this four times now. Learn from my two failed attempts: USE TWO SHEET PANS. With 1 pan, my noodles ended up steamed, with almost zero crunchy bits, and really, that’s what you’re making this for. The tofu releasing water doesn’t help in that regard. Parchment paper will help prevent the delicious crunchy bits from fusing to your pan. Other tips: double marinade, save half of it for drizzling on noodles after baking. This is pretty oil heavy—worth it.


I do this with parboiled Chinese egg noodles, strain, let dry, then spritz with oil before putting in the oven.


Attractive results but way too sweet and too oily even though I used a bit of marinade to moisten bokchoy instead of oil. A garnish of chopped scallions plus optional hot mustard sauce mitigated the sweetness, but next time I'll use less maple syrup and add hot red pepper flakes to marinade.


This is really tasty and comes together fairly easily with minimal hands-on time. I have made this twice now. I doubled the marinade after reading the comments. At the end, I thinned the remaining marinade with a little hot water to make it easier to drizzle. My store does not carry baby bok choy so I used broccolini the first time and a mix of cabbage/green beans/scallions the second time. I fried the tofu before baking it the second time I made this so it would be less soft at the end.


Didn't have hoisin so subbed oyster sauce with a little molasses. Doubled marinade, and added some chili crisp at the last step, to coat book choy. Absolutely delicious but there's quite a bit of oil in it (especially if you double marinade, which I agree you need to do to have enough). Would like to try again with a little less.


I’ve made this a bunch of times now and devour it every time. I’m just one person so I make half. A while back I prepped too much Bok choy. I had already tossed it in oil and salt, so I put the unused in the fridge and cooked it with something else the next night. The bulb ends were much more tender and the leaf ends hadn’t wilted at all. They were much improved, so I do this on purpose now. I prep the Bok choy the night before or morning of. It’s superior!


I used two sheet pans- one for the noodles and tofu and one for the veggies. I had broccoli and cabbage in the fridge so that's what I used and they cooked up beautifully in 15 minutes. Kept the noods and tofu in for an additional 5 to get extra crispy. My ramen noodles were from Momof*cku and came with a spicy soy sauce package so instead of throwing away the seasoning I used two of the packs to season the noodles and the 3rd to season the veggies. Topped with chili crisp. SO Tasty!!


Double sauce at least and add 1 T soy sauce.


We make this every couple weeks because the sweet/salty/garlicy flavors, fun noodle crunches, and glazed tofu are very craveable! We've swapped in other sturdy green leafy veg when we don't have bok choy. We triple the tofu glaze.


Yummy. I used the same amount of marinade but only two packs of ramen and 8 ounces of tofu. I didn’t have bok choy, so used a cole slaw mix. Two sheet pans and it turned out great. Really crispy noodles and tofu.


Made a few changes and it turned out great- I used tofu puffs instead of firm tofu and they crisped up beautifully. At the recommendation of other commenters I baked the tofu and noodles on separate sheet pans and made extra (2.5x the recipe) marinade. I also added gai lan along with the bok choy. My partner thought the marinade was a bit too sweet and added chili crisp, I thought it was great as is.


Definitely double the marinade as others have mentioned (although I kept the maple at 1x). Used Ocean’s halo ramen noodles and those were perfect. Threw in some extra cabbage shreds I had and that was a nice addition too. Finished with chopped green onions.

Ian from Salt Spring Island, BC Canada

I ‘m with Mimi Pond on this one… Chicken all the way - skinless boneless chicken thighs cut into 1”1/2 pieces, and a teaspoon of red pepper flakes.


Make with Kalettes instead of bok choy. Was a little bland - maybe do something to amp it up next time? See how it re-heats.


Generally a disappointment. The tofu doesn't cook sufficiently. The marinade is too thick to drizzle in Step 6.

Gail Lansky

I made this as instructed and added chopped scallions to the noodle tofu pan. I roasted thinly sliced sweet potatoes and added them to the finished dish. A bit more color and a lot of YUM!!!!!!!!!


We added some thickly sliced cabbage to the noodles. We made broccoli instead of Bok Choi and did the two sheet pans as many suggested. Added extra garlic and ginger to the marinade. I added the broccoli at the beginning and it was done perfectly. I thinned the marinade with part water part broth to cut down on the oil. It was such a satisfying weekday dinner! Will definitely put this in rotation.


Excellent dish - i used broccolini and long slices of carrots, which I parboiled for 1 and 3 minutes, then drained. Firm sprouted tofu from Trader Joe’s. Also used the gluten-free ramen from Costco (I think Whole Foods also carries this). Parboiled the noodles until the cake came apart, then drained. The crispy noodles are really a nice base for whatever you want to put on top. I used about 1.5 times the marinade for two people, and had some left over that I’ll use tomorrow in fried rice.


I love tofu in all forms, including Taiwanese stinky tofu. Heck, I've been known to eat 2+ lbs in one sitting. Too bad soy has been linked to dementia in Hawaiian men and possible emasculation as well. That said, I still eat tofu and my favorite form is frozen extra firm tofu. If you freeze the package for a few days, the texture becomes spongy and chewy, which makes a great substitute for meat. You can easily squeeze out the water and the spongy texture absorbs flavors and marinades quickly.


Not a tofu fan but ramen noodles are my guilty pleasure. I make this often using whatever green veggies I have. It's a perfect side for most anything. I sometimes spice it up a bit - depending on the audience.

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Crispy Sheet-Pan Noodles With Glazed Tofu Recipe (2024)
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